Shipwreck cove
Author Atrus
Link-in points Shipwreck cove
Connections Tomahna (Earth)

Haven was one of two prison Ages written by Atrus to protect his family and library of Books from any nefarious person who might find his lost Myst Linking Book. It was designed to appeal to one's sense of adventure and excitement.


Unlike many of Atrus's Ages, Haven is a secluded region of jungle on the coast of a much larger land mass. The link-in point is secured with a nara chamber, written into the Age in the 9480s to allow Atrus and Catherine to visit with their son, Achenar. A cove with an upturned wooden sailing vessel stands nearby. When making this shipwreck his home, Achenar constructed a wooden mechanical elevator to access it. Several paths lead deeper into the jungle. One of them passes a small lagoon, where Achenar built a house. After his parents reconnected with him, he also built a long zipline that allowed for quick access to the link-in chamber on the shore from his outpost in the jungle.

Flora and Fuana[edit]

The Age is also home to a wide variety of creatures and plants.




Enticed by the promise of buried treasure, Achenar ignored the warnings of his father never to venture to the Age, and became trapped there. Left alone, Achenar hunted anything and everything he could, to the point that he may have driven some species close to extinction. Originally, Achenar took up residence in the decrepit ship, but later, he moved to a house he had constructed on a lake farther inland. His stay at the lake house brought about a change of heart, and he spent the rest of his time on Haven trying to ensure that he hadn't unbalanced the ecology of the Age.

When Achenar's brother Sirrus escaped his prison on Spire, he chased their sister — Yeesha — to Haven, destroying the secured link-in chamber in the process of kidnapping her. Achenar pursued his brother, leaving the Age abandoned.