15th century DE

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The 15th century DE was a D'ni century which lasted from 8750 DE to 9374 DE.

Events[edit | edit source]

  • c. 9312 DE: Birth of Aitrus.
  • c. 9334 DE: Excavation of the Descent begins.
  • c. 9336 DE: Construction of the Great Shaft begins.
  • c. 9337 DE: The Descent and Great Shaft are closed following a massive earthquake.
  • c. 9349 DE: Birth of Anna.
  • c. 9350 DE: Aitrus becomes a guild master in the Guild of Surveyors.
  • c. 9363 DE: Aitrus is elected to the Guild Council.
  • c. 9367 DE: Anna discovers D'ni.

Significant people[edit | edit source]