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The 16th century DE is the current D'ni century. It began in 9375 DE and will end on the last yahr of 9999 DE.

This century saw the near-total collapse of the D'ni Empire, as well as three separate, ultimately failed, attempts to restore it.

Events[edit | edit source]

D'ni and the Fall[edit | edit source]

  • c. 9392 DE: Birth of Gehn.
  • c. 9396 DE: Gehn is initiated into the Guild of Books.
  • 9400 DE (Leesahn 8): Final revolt of Veovis. D'ni falls.
  • 9400 DE: Aitrus, Veovis, and A'gaeris die in the aftermath of the Fall.
  • 9400 DE: Ti'ana and Gehn escape D'ni. They flee to Earth's surface and settle in the Cleft.
  • c. 9406 DE: Gehn runs away from the Cleft.
  • c. 9411 DE: Birth of Atrus.
  • c. 9411 DE: Keta dies in childbirth.
  • c. 9411 DE: Gehn returns to D'ni, leaving Atrus with Ti'ana.
  • c. 9425 DE: Atrus conducts his battery experiments.
  • c. 9425 DE: Gehn returns to the Cleft and takes Atrus back to D'ni. Ti'ana follows them in secret.
  • 9429 DE (Leevot 22): Atrus's korfah v'jah on Age 37.
  • 9429 DE Gehn destroys Atrus's first Age, Inception.
  • 9429 DE Age 37 collapses.
  • 9429 DE Gehn is trapped on Riven by Atrus and Catherine.
  • c. 9430 DE: Birth of Achenar.
  • 9431 DE (Leevosahn 13): Atrus marries Catherine.
  • 9432 DE: Birth of Sirrus.
  • c. 9440 DE: Death of Ti'ana.
  • c. 9445 DE: Atrus decides to teach his sons about regestoy.
  • c. 9452 DE: Sirrus and Achenar incite a civil war on the Age of Narayan.
  • 9458 DE (Leevotar 11): Gehn successfully links to Age 233.
  • c. 9461 DE: Sirrus and Achenar begin to execute their plan to take over the Ages of Myst.
  • 9461 DE (Leevotar 29): Catherine returns to Riven.
  • 9462 DE: Sirrus and Achenar imprison Atrus on K'veer, and unknowingly trap themselves in Spire and Haven.
  • 9462 DE (Leebro 2): Gehn captures Catherine.
  • 9462 DE (Leevot 25): Sirrus realizes he is trapped on Spire.
  • 9462 DE (Leevobro 13): The Stranger arrives in D'ni, Atrus burns the Linking Books to Haven and Spire.
  • 9462 DE (Leevosahn 1): The Stranger is sent to Riven to rescue Catherine and trap Gehn in a new prison Age.
  • 9462 DE: Riven collapses.
  • c. 9466 DE: Atrus and Catherine link to Averone for the first time.
  • 9466 DE (Leevot 25): Sirrus's first rock ship fails.

First Restoration and Releeshahn[edit | edit source]

  • c. 9467 DE: Atrus, Catherine, and their companions from Averone begin the First Restoration of D'ni.
  • c. 9467 DE: The First Restoration unearths the Book of Terahnee inside the Tomb of the Great King.
  • c. 9468 DE (Leevobro 13): Atrus and the D'ni survivors decide to abandon the First Restoration and live in a new Age.
  • 9469 DE (Leefo 1): Atrus begins writing Releeshahn.
  • c. 9471 DE: Birth of Yeesha.
  • 9472 DE: The Stranger travels to Tomahna to visit Releeshahn with Atrus.
  • 9472 DE: Saavedro steals the Releeshahn Book.
  • 9472 DE: The Stranger recovers the Releeshahn Book and reunites Saavedro with his family.
  • 9472 DE (Leevotar 15): Atrus returns from Rime after checking on his sons in their prison Ages.
  • 9473 DE (Leevofo 29): Atrus installs an improved crystal viewer in Tomahna.
  • 9474 DE (Leevobro 21): Atrus upgrades the crystal viewer to receive sound.
  • 9475 DE (Leefo 2): Atrus begins working on a "moving eye" attachment for the crystal viewer.
  • 9475 DE (Leevot 28): Sirrus finds the new linking chamber in Spire.
  • 9476 DE (Leefo 19): Sirrus conceives of the idea for crystal bombs.
  • 9476 DE (Leefo 29): Sirrus learns he has a sister.
  • 9478 DE (Leebro 14): Sirrus meets Yeesha for the first time.
  • 9479 DE (Leevobro 2): Sirrus develops his plan to steal Yeesha's body.
  • 9479 DE (Leevobro 15): Atrus takes Yeesha to visit Serenia.
  • 9480 DE (Leesahn 10): Yeesha gets permission to study with Serenia's Protectors.
  • 9480 DE (Leevot 28): Sirrus discovers the resonant frequency of nara.
  • 9480 DE (Leevofo 10): Yeesha receives her memory amulet.
  • 9480 DE (Leevobro 2): The Stranger visits Tomahna at Atrus's request. Sirrus kidnaps Yeesha.

Second Restoration[edit | edit source]

  • 9642 DE: John Loftin discovers the entrance to D'ni.
  • 9643 DE (Leenovoo 19): John Loftin and Elias Zandi make their first major expedition into the D'ni caverns.
  • 9645 DE: John Loftin and Elias Zandi reach the D'ni city on their third major expedition.
  • 9646 DE: Dr. Richard Watson accompanies John Loftin and Elias Zandi to D'ni for the first time on an expedition to Ae'gura.
  • 9647 DE: John Loftin dies.
  • 9648 DE: The D'ni Restoration Foundation is formed.
  • 9648 DE: Elias Zandi undergoes open heart surgery, and is warned by his doctors to slow down. He refuses.
  • 9650 DE: Elias Zandi and his son Jeff have a heated debate over the purpose of the restoration effort and part ways.
  • c. 9650 DE: Many small groups of people begin searching the desert, following a "calling" they cannot explain. Most are accepted as restoration volunteers.
  • 9652 DE: Elias Zandi leaves his considerable fortune to the D'ni Restoration Foundation, led by Richard A. Watson. The land surrounding the Volcano entrance to D'ni is left to his son, Jeff.
  • 9652 DE: Richard Watson forms the D'ni Restoration Council.
  • 9655 DE: A major expedition brings machinery and tools to D'ni.
  • 9656 DE: The DRC begins work on restoring Ae'gura.
  • 9657 DE: The DRC begins work to restore the first of many D'ni neighborhoods, Bevin.
  • 9657 DE (Leenovoo 5): Authorized Explorers are allowed to enter D'ni and several Ages for the first time,
  • 9658 DE (Leesahn 14): Dr. Watson and Rand Miller give a tour of D'ni remotely to Mysterium attendees with the assistance of Authorized Explorer IMForeman.
  • 9658 DE (Leetar 24): Restoration Engineer Phil Henderson goes missing while working in Eder Kemo.
  • 9658 DE (Leevot 8): After two weeks of searching, Phil Henderson briefly reappears in Eder Kemo. He has a short conversation with an Authorized Explorer and explains that he would not be returning to the DRC.
  • 9658 DE (Leevosahn 12): Explorers from the surface, aided by Jeff Zandi and Yeesha, begin pouring into D'ni without authorization from the DRC. They soon number in the thousands.
  • 9659 DE (Leevofo 15): Game publisher UbiSoft Entertainment announces that they are working with the DRC to fund the restoration of D'ni.
  • 9659 DE: (Leevofo 22): The DRC officially opens the D'ni cavern to explorers invited by Jeff Zandi.
  • 9659 DE (Leevofo 23): Phil Henderson returns to Eder Kemo and has a conversation with explorer Zardoz.
  • 9659 DE (Leevobro 15): Phil Henderson is detained by the DRC in an effort to prevent him from hurting himself or others. Explorers are highly critical of this action.
  • 9659 DE (Leevobro 17): Douglas Sharper and a number of explorers dear down the barricades blocking access to the Kahlo Pub in protest.
  • 9659 DE (Leevobro 22): The DRC release Phil Henderson on the condition that he stop exploring dangerous areas, as he had been doing prior to his confinement.
  • 9659 DE (Leevobro 24): A structure in the Guild Hall collapses while Phil Henderson is exploring the area. Smoke rising from the collapse can be seen from the lower levels of Ae'gura. The DRC fears Phil is dead. Dr. Watson leaves D'ni, distraught.
  • 9659 DE (Leevosahn 3): The DRC grants explorers access to the Great Zero.
  • 9659 DE (Leevotar 1): The DRC abandons their restoration efforts as funding from UbiSoft dries up and Dr. Watson fails to return.
  • 9660 DE (Leesahn 20): Victor Laxman and Ikuro Kodama allow limited access to D'ni for those willing to return, with the understanding that no new restoration work is scheduled, and explorers will be on their own.

Third Restoration[edit | edit source]

  • 9661 DE: Dr. Richard Watson aides Yeesha in freeing the bahro from their enslavement to the Tablet. Yeesha rejoins her father Atrus to live on Releeshahn.
  • 9661 DE (Leevobro 20): Victor Laxman begins posting on the DRC forums, looking for his fellow Council members.
  • 9661 DE (Leevotar 7): The DRC returns to D'ni in a limited capacity, providing explorers with sanctioned access to the cavern, but not taking on new restoration work.
  • 9662 DE (Leevobro 19): The Great Scream—during a DRC meeting, the screams of the bahro are heard, and all explorers both inside and outside of the D'ni cavern are simultaneously linked to their Relto. Explorers report that all of their Relto pages and collected Linking Books have vanished, and all KIs are disabled.
  • 9662 E (Leevobro 20): The DRC re-opens the cavern on a limited basis while they check for damage in the wake of the Scream.
  • 9662 DE (Leevosahn 2): The DRC announces that their restoration efforts will resume thanks to funding from venture capital investor Cate Alexander.
  • 9662 DE (Leevosahn 15): The DRC releases Eder Delin, and Linking Books are placed in select neighborhoods.
  • 9662 DE (Leevotar 7): The DRC releases Eder Tsogahl and places it in select neighborhoods.
  • 9662 DE (Leevotar 11): Winter begins in Eder Delin, marked by sudden snowfall.
  • 9662 DE (Leevotar 18): The DRC places a link to Negilahn in the Ae'gura Museum.
  • 9662 DE (Leevotar 29): A link to Dereno joins the Negilahn Book in the Ae'gura Museum.
  • 9662 DE (Leenovoo 5): Douglas Sharper, Nick White, and explorer Rils go on an expedition to Negilahn, where they find the "shredded" carcasses of multiple animals. Cate Alexander releases a map of the "Pod Age", revealing that Negilahn and Dereno are on the same planet.
  • 9662 DE (Leenovoo 17): Payiferen, a third "Pod Age" location, is released in the Ae'gura Museum.
  • 9662 DE (Leenovoo 28): Tetsonot, the fourth "Pod Age" location, is placed in the Ae'gura Museum.
  • 9663 DE (Leefo 23): A seismic event in Ae'gura leaves noticeable cracks in the alley next to Kahlo Pub.
  • 9663 DE (Leefo 24): Willow "Wheely" Engberg *Michael Engberg's daughter) and her friend Rose "Rosette" Taylor disappear. Bahro are sighted in Ae'gura.
  • 9663 DE (Leefo 25): A bahro kills Wheely just as the DRC reach the cave where she is trapped. Michael Engberg, clearly stricken, leaves the cavern, going after an unnamed "him" he feels is responsible for the deaths.
  • 9663 DE (Leefo 26): Douglas Sharper is ambushed by bahro in Negilahn, only to be saved at the last moment by a different group of them. He recounts the tale to explorers, describing it as a "war".
  • 9663 DE (Leefo 27): The DRC proceeds with the release of Minkata as scheduled.
  • 9663 DE (Leebro 22): The Watcher's Pub is opened to the public. Victor Laxman announces that calibration of the Great Zero is complete, and enables explorer-created marker missions.
  • 9663 DE (Leebro 23): Laxman activates the Great Zero in a public event witnessed by hundreds of explorers. Cate Alexander joins the DRC council, taking Michael Engberg's position. Douglas Sharper announces that he is planning an expedition to Noloben to kill a bahro in retaliation for Wheely's death.
  • 9663 DE (Leebro 24): The DRC releases Er'cana and places a Linking Book in the Watcher's Pub.
  • 9663 DE (Leebro 25): The DRC announces a new explorer project to rejuvenate the bioluminescent algae in the cavern's lake, and that pellets from Er'cana will be critical to the process.
  • 9663 DE (Leesahn 23): Two bahro appear in the Watcher's Pub and leave their dead comrade at Douglas Sharper's feet. Bahro are spotted throughout the cavern.
  • 9663 DE (Leesahn 23): The DRC opens the Kirel neighborhood along with plans to restore four D'ni guilds: Writers, Maintainers, Messengers, and Cartographers. The Guild of Greeters is announced as a fifth official guild.
  • 9663 DE (Leesahn 25): Jalak is placed in the Ae'gura Library. An explorer named Reteltee is appointed by the DRC as their "Guild Advisor". Phil Henderson returns to the cavern, revealing that he was saved from the Guild Hall collapse in 9659 DE by the bahro, and saying that "he will return".
  • 9663 DE (Leetar 26): Guild Pubs for each of the five official guilds are released.
  • 9663 DE (Leetar 27): Michael Engberg returns to the cavern, but is uncommunicative. Dr. Richard Watson makes his first public appearance since his departure in 9659 DE. He reveals that he was responsible for freeing the bahro in 9661 DE, and that he has been to Releeshahn, where the bahro war is far worse.
  • 9663 DE (Leetar 28): Dr. Watson gives a public speech, in which he says that the restoration of D'ni is wrong, and that explorers must join the guilds to write Ages and find something that will end the bahro's war.
  • 9663 DE (Leevot 25): Bahro encounters in the cavern increase.
  • 9663 DE (Leevofo 10): Cate Alexander resigns from the DRC and withdrawals her funding, citing an insufficient return on investment.
  • 9663 DE (Leevofo 11): Ahnonay is released. Explorers find a link to K'veer in Kadish's workshop. Bahro swarm Kerath's Arch. Ikuro Kodama leaves for the surface as restoration efforts stall once more.
  • 9663 DE (Leevofo 13): A Linking Book to Myst appears in K'veer. Yeesha also appears in person in K'veer. She tells explorers that she is leading the bahro nekisahl away, and that it is up to them to find a way to continue. The remaining DRC members leave for the surface to secure new sources of funding.
  • 9663 DE (Leenovoo 21): The DRC evacuates the D'ni cavern and shuts down access, declaring it "closed indefinitely for maintenance".
  • 9664 DE (Leevotar 2): Explorers circumvent the DRC's security measures and regain access to D'ni.

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