Guild of Writers

For the modern-day Guild of Writers, see Guild of Writers (restored).
Guild of Writers
Guild of Writers emblem.jpg
Guild color black with red trim
The Guild of Writers was the first guild to be established when the D'ni arrived on Earth, and was considered a high priority. On Leevot 9, 8 DE, the guild was officially established by Ri'neref during his rule as king, following the completion of its guild houses, and was celebrated with a huge feast and ceremony. They were responsible for writing the Descriptive and Linking Books which connected to other Ages. Many years of training went into becoming a member, and the guild structure helped to ensure that all the writers received proper training in all of the rules the D'ni felt were necessary to produce safe and stable Ages.

The Guild of Surveyors was one of the 18 Major Guilds on the Guild Council at the fall of D'ni. The DRC has stated that "the members of the Guild of Writers were the only individuals who were recognized by the D'ni society as being qualified to write Descriptive Books. It was the Writer's Guild that wrote all official Ages for private enterprise, the government, and any other Guild that required Ages."

Notable members[edit]

  • Grand Master Sajka
  • Guild Master Ja'ir
  • Guild Master Veovis
  • Guild Master Talashar
  • Guild Master A'gaeris (expelled)
  • Guild Master Kadish (expelled)