Calendar Stone

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The bridge and Calendar Stone added by the Relto page.

The Calendar Stone was added to a small island on Relto when the Spark Island Relto page found in the Cleft is activated. Collected Calendar Roses appear on the stone. When all twelve roses were collected, fireworks appeared.

Purpose of the stone[edit]

The stone probably comes from Yeesha or the bahro, since it comes with a Relto page, but why they made it is unclear. It may be a way to show how long an explorer has been there, though we do not know why the bahro would care. The most obvious purpose of the stone is to have a place for fireworks to come from, but there is no clear understanding on why the bahro want fireworks.

Meaning of the symbol[edit]

The symbol on the stone was the source of much speculation. A common interpretation was that it represented the sun and the moon.[citation needed] Another theory was that it represented the volcano seen from above with a shadow on one side, and that when all the roses were collected, the explorer would get a link into the caldera; however, this did not happen.[citation needed]