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The Volcano is a small, inactive, unnamed and unmapped stratovolcano located somewhere in or very near Eddy County, New Mexico. The Cleft is located on the shallow slope of the volcanic cone. Ongoing outgassing from vents around the Volcano's caldera and the presence of a nearby magma pool approximately three or four miles beneath the surface suggest that the volcano is not extinct, but there are also no records of geologically recent eruptions. As a child, Atrus attempted to harness the power of one of these outgassing vents to charge a homemade battery. However, he miscalculated the amount of pressure that would be created by partially sealing off the vent, resulting in an explosion that destroyed the vent cap and nearly claimed the battery as well.

The caldera of the Volcano has collapsed slightly, revealing a cave entrance which eventually connects to the structures at the top of the Great Shaft. The land surrounding the Volcano is owned by Jeff Zandi, who inherited it from his father, Elias. Elias had purchased the land in the early 1990s with the intention of securing this entrance to D'ni. This entrance, however, should not be confused with the Ti'ana/Loftin entrance, whose location is nearby, but unknown except to members of the DRC. They used the Ti'ana/Loftin entrance, rather than the one in the Volcano caldera, to access D'ni and transport supplies to the D'ni cavern.