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A Cerpatee skeleton
Found in Haven

The Cerpatee is (or rather, was) the greatest predator of Haven, its main prey being the karnak. Since all we see of it is bones and Achenar's drawings, we can imply that it was a massive, amphibious dinosaur-like creature, which can be recognized by its low growling sound (based on Amulet memories). Its former habitat was apparently in and around Shipwreck Cove in Haven.

Achenar decided to kill the cerpatee, in fear of being killed by it (or perhaps he was jealous that there was a predator on Haven more deadly than he was), and did this by capturing a female cerpatee, using her to lure the male there, and then stabbed the male with a poisoned spear.

At first, Achenar considered this kill his greatest feat on Haven. A few years later, however, he began to regret it, both because he was attacked by guilt and because the karnaks, their primary predator now gone, began to multiply rapidly and steal his supplies more often. Therefore, he built a totem pole as a tribute to the kin, and, while he was at it, built one for each of his Haven animal victims.