D'ni Cavern lake

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A view of the D'ni lake

The D'ni Cavern has a large lake in its middle. Bioluminescent algae dimmed and brightened it with orange light on a regular 30-hour cycle – the basis for D'ni timekeeping – and were the major light source for the City and islands like Ae'gura, K'veer, Katha and Neref.

In 5095, King Emen decided to sell many of the islands that, up to that point, had been government property. One of those islands was given to the Minor Guild of Artists, Musicians, and Actors, who turned it into a Cultural Center. In 5202 a public ferry system was approved, offering more frequent access between Ae'gura, the City and the smaller islands[1].

King Me'emen recommended using Stone Eater and Stone Tooth to build an underground tunnel connecting Ae'gura to the City, minimizing boat travel. The proposal met strong opposition, especially by the upper classes living on Ae'gura, and was rejected by most of the Guilds, causing Me'emen to not force it[2]. The project was briefly supported by King Lanaren, but later abandoned in 5734[3].

DRC restoration[edit]

Since the Fall, the algae nearly all died off, stopping the light cycle in the Cavern and giving off only a faint glow; it has been argued[citation needed] that Veovis' plague was involved.

A long-lasting project exists to restore the algae to full health and restart the daily cycle, using Er'cana pellets with the right composition dropped by explorers.