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Found in Haven

Dan'ni is a frog found in the swamp area of Haven. It was named after a Myst fan by Team Revelation, as reported on Myst Worlds:

Genevieve Lord, Myst IV Revelation Producer had an interesting revelation of another sort recently. "We decided our frog in Haven needed a name," she explained. "There was really only one choice." The frog in Haven will officially be known as "Dan'ni", honoring the age-old tradition of naming frog-like creatures for annoying fans. "Dan'ni" or AVID Myst Fan Daniel Sadowski, was on hand recently in Germany to help Genevieve present the game to reporters. Due to his unnatural fear and loathing for the frogs, Genevieve thought it was only fitting that they carry his own name. "It is a perfect fit," she continued. "Really, no other name would do. Dan'ni is the name of our Haven Frog!"

Congratulations, Dan'ni.