Dania (Age)

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Dania (Age)
Dania as depicted in Myst: The Book of the Black Ships #0
Author Varsil

According to The Story of the First Guildmaster, Dania was the fist Age ever successfully written. It was created by Varsil, who was part of a team working to develop the technology. At the time, there was a great famine in D'ni, and Dania's vast grain fields promised to be a bountiful solution. The planet was so rich in minerals that plant life grew quick, and thanks to the planet being between two suns, the growing season was perpetual.

The Age is named for Princess Dania, daughter of the D'ni king Clevis. After presenting the Age to the king, Varsil demanded Dania's hand in marriage as a reward for his work. When he was denied, he left D'ni in a rage, destroying the Dania Descriptive Book before being apprehended by his apprentice, Atak.