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The Guild of Archivists Dictionary uses the following guidelines. For discussion of these guidelines, see the Discussion page.

D'ni Transliteration[edit | edit source]

  • The Dictionary uses a version of OTS for its standard transliteration. While OTS is somewhat ambiguous, it is the version of words that players will be most familiar with. Some decisions on what to use have been made to reduce confusion.
  • Transliteration has been chosen in order keep words in the ASCII character set, as well as avoid ambiguity with other sequences of sounds.
    • å is transliterated as a instead of å or æ.
    • a is transliterated as ah instead of a.
    • I is transliterated as ai instead of í.
    • A is transliterated as ay instead of ai or a.
    • u is transliterated as uh instead of u.
    • e is transliterated as e instead of eh.
    • i is transliterated as i instead of ih.
    • O is transliterated as oy instead of oi.
  • Words that have very common transliteration variants will have the OTS transliteration as the page name. Variants are noted in the article for the words. Page redirects or disambiguation notes for these common variants as well (e.g. Dictionary:Uru redirects to Dictionary:ooroo)

Unknown Words[edit | edit source]

  • Unattested meanings are marked as unknown word or with the {{dict unknown-word}} template, even when the meaning of those words is relatively obvious. Editors are welcome to create templates or notes that add templates or develop policies that maintain this while pointing out suggested meanings.

Editing[edit | edit source]

  • Stay close to the existing standard format when you can, but don't let that stop you if it causes a problem for a particular entry.
  • Use dictionary templates when possible, as they retain format as well as automatically put in Category and link references as needed (See Category:Dictionary Templates for a list.))
  • Use {{de}} to link to Dictionary entries.
  • Put attested sources in the /Sources subpages for an entry (e.g. Dictionary:Shorah/Sources).
  • The {{Parsed D'ni}} template for linking strings of D'ni text easily with their individual parts linking to the correct Dictionary pages (e.g. {{Parsed D'ni|.|shorah||b'-|shem|-tee}} to get .shorah b'shemtee).
  • If a word has more than one part of speech (could be used as a particle and as a prefix, for example), put both entries in the same page.