Dream World

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Dream World
Location Serenia

According to the Protectors of Serenia, the Dream World is a mirror realm of the physical manifestation of Serenia, and the Serenian Ancestors have great power there. The Protectors travel to Dream to seek the guidance of their Ancestors, who are able to inform them of future events.

One way to reach Dream is by staring into the "all-seeing eyes of the Ancestors" using a special, decorated stone slab found in the Memory Chambers of Serenia. However, one must never travel to Dream without the assistance of a spirit guide, who will aid in finding what one seeks. The spirit guide serves as an anchor to prevent your memories from becoming "lost and crushed amid Dream's constantly-shifting waves of possibility". The experience of Dream is different for everyone who travels there.

Aside from the Ancestors, who have the power to shape Dream, there are also temporary inhabitants, who do not. These are travelers, who seek enlightenment or distraction that cannot be found in the waking world. A traveler is advised by the spirit guide to touch any other travelers he encounters, to experience as much of Dream as possible.