The Serenian Protectors were a religious order of exclusively women in the Age of Serenia. Their primary duty was to cultivate the memory chamber fungus and gather and safeguard the memory globes that were used in the death rites of the Serenian people. The Protectors practiced a highly advanced mysticism that enabled them to enter Dream and communicate with deceased ancestors, enabling them to foretell the future.

Although their duties occupy them in the ceremonial complex of Serenia by day, they were not a reclusive order, and could go home to their families in the village each night.

Each member bears an Amulet of Memories, which is capable of showing the wearer strong memories associated with certain inanimate objects. The Spirit Guide associated with each Protector is indicated by the style of the amulet's necklace, as well as by the color of her robes and face paint: red for Fire, blue for Water, and white for Wind.

Childhood training in mysticism with the Serenian Protectors greatly influenced Yeesha. Atrus meant for his sons Sirrus and Achenar to have similar training but they did not assimilate the values of the Serenian people and instead researched ways to use their memory-transfer technology as a weapon. When Sirrus escaped from Spire, the Protectors were instrumental in his eventual defeat.

Known Protectors[edit]