Eedrah Ro'Jethhe

Eedrah Ro'Jethhe
Race Terahnee
Personal details
Father Jethhe Ro'Jethhe
Spouse Marrim
Children Anna Ro'Jethhe

Eedrah Ro'Jethhe was the son of Jethhe Ro'Jethhe, a landholder in Terahnee.

As a child, Eedrah came down with a severe and nearly fatal fever while playing in an outdoor orchard. A slave gathering fruit in the orchard found him and carried him inside, saving his life. The slave was later killed by the P'aarli "for the impertinence of touching a master."[1] As a result of this incident, Eedrah never developed the mental dissociation that prevented most Terahnee people from being able to "see" their slaves. When he was fifteen, he visited a slave Age where the relyimah were stolen from, and came to understand the true depth of the cruelty underlying Terahnee's civilization.

Unfortunately, people like Eedrah were a rarity in Terahnee society. In a conversation with Atrus, he revealed that fewer than one in ten thousand of his people shared his views on Terahnee's chattel slavery industry.[1] As a result, Eedrah was never able to have an impact on the practice as a whole, though he developed a relationship with the slaves in his own family's manor and did what he could to help them. The relyimah looked kindly on him, and gave him the nickname "Renyaloth"—a word meaning "the sickly one".

When Atrus and his companions first came to Terahnee, Eedrah initially believed that they sanctioned Terahnee's slavery, thinking that because they did not object, it must also have been the same in D'ni. However, once the truth of Atrus' mixed lineage and his companions' ahrotahn status came out, he helped to protect them from arrest under Terahnee's laws forbidding Age-dwellers and mixed-race individuals from knowing how to Write. After a plague that was inadvertently brought from D'ni nearly wiped out the Terahnee and triggered a revolt among the massive slave population, Eedrah helped Atrus work with the relyimah's leaders to stabilize the uprising.

Within a year of the plague, which nearly claimed Eedrah's life as well, he had married Marrim, one of Atrus' companions on the Terahnee expedition. Together, they had a daughter named Anna and moved to Releeshahn to live with the D'ni.


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