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Name in D'ni relESan
Author Atrus
Written 9469 DE - 9470 DE

Releeshahn is an Age that Atrus wrote for the D'ni who survived the fall of their civilization. The name is also the D'ni word for "the whole". D'ni script around the locking frame of the Descriptive Book, which Atrus kept in Tomahna, reads "we must not forget from whence we have come".


The area of Releeshahn settled by the D'ni is a verdant valley, flanked by snow-capped mountains. Three massive pillars, including the Pillar of Atrus and the Pillar of Catherine, pierce the sky, and the main D'ni settlement is located in the shadow of one of them. A U-shaped lake fed by a nearby river encircles this settlement. Several miles away, up the side of one of the mountains, a stone courtyard overlooks the area and provides a view of all three pillars.


Inception and settlement[edit]

Before writing Releeshahn, Atrus embarked on a mission to find any survivors of the fall, and rebuild and restore the D'ni city with their aid. However, after returning from a fraught expedition to Terahnee, he concluded that rebuilding in the cavern was not the best path for his people. With that in mind, he began writing Releeshahn to give his kin a new home that would both nurture and challenge them. The effort took a whole year[1], but in 9470 DE, the D'ni were finally able to move to their new home.

The Descriptive Book for the Age was nearly lost when Saavedro, a man from Atrus's past, returned and stole it in an attempt to coerce Atrus into fixing the damage done to his world by his sons. Fortunately, the Book was returned unharmed by Atrus's unknown friend, the Stranger.

Modern time[edit]

In 2005 CE, the former head of the D'ni Restoration Council, Doctor Richard A. Watson, was invited to live on Releeshahn after aiding Yeesha in her long quest to free the bahro from their enslavement to the Tablet. Another restoration engineer, Phil Henderson, also indicated that he had lived there for a time after he was rescued from a collapse in the Guild Hall.

Since the bahro were freed, they have descended into a civil war over whether or not to exact revenge on the descendants of their oppressors. Several followers of Yeesha have indicated that this civil war has threatened to spill into Releeshahn. In 2007 CE, Yeesha herself returned to the cavern to tell explorers that she was trying to draw the attention of the renegade bahro's leader, so that he would not pursue attacks on the cavern and Releeshahn.


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