Found in Inception, Torus, Earth, Relto

The word "ephemeral" means short-lived, which describes these beautiful flowers.

They are described as being delicate, having tiny, star-like petals and a dark velvet stamen. The first time these appear is in the Book of Atrus, when Ti'ana scatters all the seeds kept in the storage room before the advent of a storm. Later that night, Atrus saw these flowers covering the desert around the Cleft.

When Atrus wrote his first Age, Inception, he wrote a special section about the ephemerals to remember his grandmother. Gehn, however, regarded this as nonsense, and crossed out the section. Also, on the light side of Katran's Torus Age, similar flowers grew. She had already known Ti'ana at this time, and it is assumed that she learned of the flowers' importance to Atrus through his grandmother.

In Uru, too, we see these ephemerals inside the Cleft, as well as the surrounding desert (but only in the Rainy version).