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Keta portrait.jpg
Keta's portrait in Age 233
Race Human
Name in D'ni Keta
Personal details
Spouse Gehn
Children Atrus
Portrayed by Kate Vander Wende

Not much is known about Keta (also known as Leira according to the Riven credits) beyond the fact that she was human. She was a member of a tribe known as the Amad, whom Gehn believed had had ties to the D'ni at one time (given early contact between the D'ni and the surface,[1] this is a possibility). Based on this assumption[citation needed], he took Keta as his wife.

Keta developed an illness during her pregnancy with Atrus, and finally she was taken by Gehn to his mother, Anna, for care while she delivered the baby. Unfortunately, her illness had made her very weak, and she was unable to survive childbirth. She was buried in the Cleft, and later a patch of blue flowers grew around her grave.