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Firemarble 1.jpg
A Firemarble in J'nanin
Location Throughout the D'ni and its Ages

Firemarbles were the primary source of light for D'ni lamps. They are a special form of stone which glows when scratched or struck. The appear to contain a significant amount of energy which is slowly released over time in the form of a soft light. Firemarbles vary in size from typical marble-sized spheres to massive globes several feet in diameter. They are extinguished when doused with water. Firemarbles can be found throughout D'ni and its Ages. They come in many different colors and degrees of brightness.

To celebrate the anniversary of the finding of the Lost Books of Birenni, the D'ni would hide firemarbles in their homes and neighborhoods for children to find.

It appears that firemarbles can pose a fire hazard if they strike an object with enough force to shatter. This is evidenced by the fire in Tomahna which was started when Saavedro threw a firemarble at a nearby curtain. The firemarble shattered and the curtain caught fire, rapidly spreading to the rest of Atrus's study.


While trapped on Riven, Gehn used modified firemarbles as a power source. Dubbed powermarbles, they would release all their energy at once in the form of a massive explosion, which Gehn used to power the faulty linking books in his firemarble domes.