Five Great Classics

From Guild of Archivists

The Five Great Classics of D'ni are the five most masterful Books in the Canon of the Guild of Writers, written by the five greatest Writers in the history of the guild.

The Book of Earth, written by Ri'neref, is the first of the Classics. Another, unnamed, was written by Guild Master Talashar approximately 6,000 years before the fall of D'ni. This Classic was desecrated by A'gaeris during the events preceding the Fall, making the Age unstable. The names and Writers of the other three Classics are presently unknown.

It is possible that the Age of Yakul, written by Master Ar'tenen, was one of the unidentified Classics. Ar'tenen was considered the first great Writer of the Guild, and Yakul, the oldest of the Guild's Ages, had great ceremonial importance in the canonization of new guild masterworks. However, this has not been confirmed.