Canon of the Guild of Writers

The Canon contains the greatest masterworks produced by members of the Guild of Writers, including the Five Great Classics of D'ni. Only 93 Books are known to have been accepted into the Canon during the history of the guild. The last known addition was the Age of Ader Jamat, written by Veovis a few years before the fall of D'ni. At that time, it had been 187 years since a Book had last been added to the Canon.

A Book was accepted into the Canon by the unanimous approval of the seven most senior members of the guild. A ceremony known as the "korfah v'jah" was then held to honor the author, and mark the acceptance of the Book with the Words of Binding. The official ceremony was very small, and traditionally held on the Age of Yakul, the oldest of the guild's Ages, written by Ar'tenen, the first great Writer of the Guild. A larger public ceremony and celebration was held later, on the newly-canonized Age.

Known works[edit]