Gemedet (Age)

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Gemedet (Age)
Author Aitrus, Ti'ana
Written ~ 9377 DE - 9392 DE

Gemedet was an Age written by Aitrus and Ti'ana, some time between 9377 DE and 9392 DE. It was named after the D'ni game of the same name, which the two played often.


Gemedet was a lush, green Age. It was dense with plant life, and even the rivers were a shade of green. At the link-in point, Aitrus and Ti'ana built a small camp with a cabin and an outdoor workstation. Nearby was a fresh water well, which Aitrus covered with a wooden lid that had the D'ni word for "peace" carved into it. A waterfall cascaded over 200 feet down a cliff side not far from the camp. To the north was an ancient, dormant volcano and a mountain range. South, the waterfall's river flowed into a great ocean.


Aitrus and Ti'ana wrote Gemedet shortly before they decided to marry. Their explorations there brought them very close to one another, and after several months Aitrus proposed to her. The Age became their personal retreat, much like the Age of Ko'ah was for Aitrus' family. When D'ni fell, Ti'ana, Gehn (their son), and Tasera (Aitrus' mother) fled to Gemedet for safety. Tasera ultimately succumbed to the poison used in the attack, and was buried on the Age. Aitrus, fearing that the Age was not safe from Veovis' vengeance, left with Ti'ana and Gehn in an effort to flee to the surface of Earth.

Gemedet's Linking Book, which Aitrus took from their home in D'ni for safekeeping, has never been found. He carried it with him while he mapped a path to the surface through the ruins of D'ni's tunnel network, and it remained there when he returned to Gemedet, delirious from lack of oxygen after ten days in a breathing mask.