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Author unknown
Written approx. 9347 DE[1]

Ko'ah was the family retreat for Aitrus's family. The Age was given to them as a gift when Aitrus's father, Kahlis, became Grand Master of the Guild of Surveyors in approximately 9347 DE.[2]

The explored area of the Age was a rolling pasture, ringed by mountains and punctuated by small groves of trees. Aitrus introduced Ti'ana to the concept of regestoy by taking her there shortly after she became their ward. When word of this got out, the Guild of Maintainers confiscated the Book, and Aitrus was accused of violating ancient laws against teaching ahrotantee—outsiders—about the Art. The accusation was overturned in short order, however, when Ti'ana sought the aid of Guild Master Kedri—an old friend of Aitrus's who worked in the Guild of Legislators.

Atrus collected Ko'ah from his ancestral D'ni home during the First Restoration of D'ni, some 60 years after the Fall. Its present location is unknown.


  1. Myst: The Book of Ti'ana notes that this occurred 20 years prior to Anna coming to live with Aitrus and his family, shortly after she arrived in D'ni in 9367 DE.
  2. In Myst: The Book of D'ni, Atrus reflects on the Book, noting that it had been passed down through his family for eight generations. This contradicts Aitrus's statements in Myst: The Book of Ti'ana. The Archive assumes that Aitrus is a more reliable primary source than his grandson in this matter, and so uses his account.