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This page is about the approval process for fan-created content in MOULa. For a list of fan-created content already released on MOULa, see Fourth Restoration of D'ni#Ages recovered.


Fan-created content intended for the official Myst Online shard operated by Cyan should comply with the following rules:[1][2]

  1. When writers (aka fan developers) are creating linking books they are bound by the D'ni limitations of writing.
  2. However, writers are able to use special items for linking and modifications to linking with the following limitations:
    • Writers should stay away from special Cyan created character items (such as Yeesha and Bahro items) with the exception of Yeesha Pages.
    • You can create Save/Journey like cloths (or other material) but must be of your own unique design. They can behave exactly like Save/Jouney cloths but should look different.
    • Same with linking stones, glyphs, sparkies, crystals, etc. Make them your own unique design. Add your own storyline for why they exist but not required.
    • Creating new trophies and achievement reward items displayed in the player's Relto or Neighborhood or Age is encouraged!
  3. Writers must not break continuity with previously released D'ni information.
  4. Writers must not reveal "new" information about characters, places, groups, etc. used by Cyan, including other Cyan titles (unless an exception is approved by Cyan).
  5. Writers must not use the intellectual property of others.


  1. Chogon at February 9, 2023 21:48:36 (UTC) in #age-dev on OpenUru:

    Here are the updated fan developer rules for adding new Ages and content to MOULa.
    These revisions were done with the blessing of the Cyan MOULa stakeholders [...]

  2. These rules are a revised version of RAWA's Guidelines For Writing.