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Publicly available content[edit]

The Archive is intended to be a repository of all known information about the D'ni universe. As such, it is assumed that visitors are either seeking information that may contain spoilers, or will not be annoyed if they see it. This policy only applies to released content that is considered widely available. There are exceptions (see below) which require a more nuanced approach.

The Archive is not, however, a walkthrough or hint guide. While puzzles may be discussed, and their mechanics explained (see Clocktower (Myst) for a good example), it is not generally appropriate to supply full solutions, or to give step-by-step instructions for how to complete them.


As we move forward into a new era for the D'ni universe, the Archive needs to take a more flexible approach to spoiler content. Material that is part of the Intangibles project, for instance, is technically public knowledge now, but most players and fans won't know about it. It would be unfair to potentially ruin those fans' first experience with any Intangibles content that does get officially released by making it available without any warnings or caveats.

Therefore, any material which would spoil the puzzles or mechanics of an Intangibles area that has not yet been added to MOULa should be wrapped in a {{spoilers}} template. To use an existing example, Ahnonay's central puzzle is ultimately about deception and things not being what they seem. If the information about the Age's spheres had been made public prior to the age's official release, it would have ruined the experience of discovering that fact for the first time on your own.

For the sake of relative newcomers, spoilers should remain tagged as such for at least 6 months after the eventual release of any Intangibles content into MOULa.

Unexplored Branches[edit]

Other Unexplored Branches content will likely need to be judged on a case-by-case basis. If the content is released in a player- or fan-ready format (such as being added to MOULa, or being published in an Unwritten source book), then spoiler warnings are less necessary.

For content that is released similarly to the Intangibles drop on June 4, 2021, however, err on the side of preventing readers from encountering something that may spoil the experience for them upon wider release.

Updated 2021-06-04

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