Location Bevin, Relto

A gorahyan (gorayån) is a form of public clock found in D'ni, particularly Bevin and other D'ni neighborhoods. There is also a Relto page that adds a clock to an explorer's Relto.


The clock is composed of a sphere, held at an angle in a semi-meridian mounting and raised on a pillar or stanchion like a globe. Around the globe's equator is marked with the D'ni numerals from one to twenty-five, representing the 25 "bells", or partahvotee, of the D'ni day, with a dot midway between each numeral. The zero bell is represented by the "single digit 25" ( | ) symbol. A downward-facing magnifying lens is affixed to the pillar as well, allowing observers to see the current partahvo as marked out on the globe, and the globe rotates clockwise as viewed from the front.

Before the fall of D'ni, the bells were marked by actual chimes. However, if the gorahyantee were the source, the mechanism is no longer functional.


For many years, the gorahyantee in the D'ni neighborhoods displayed the wrong time. Explorer technicians managed to fix the issue on May 5, 2021[1].

The gorahyan in Relto is broken, and does not keep time.


It is unclear whether the term "gorahyan" only applies to these clocks, or if it can be applied to other timekeeping devices such as Aitrus's watch, Gehn's watch, the clock-like device in the middle of Ahnonay or the tahvo timer in the Ahnonay workshop.


  1. Chogon at May 5, 2021 18:09:47 (UTC) in #moula-announcements on Official Cyan Chat:

    + Fixed in Neighborhood Age clock improved accuracy, tracking animation.