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Location D'ni
Link-in point(s)
  • 5 60,265 6 999 7 -71 (Courtyard)
  • 5 60,121 6 1,004 7 -67 (Balcony)
  • 5 60,140 6 1,002 7 -70 (Classroom rooftop)
Restoration progress
Current phase Released

Bevin (bevin[contested]) is a small, self-contained neighborhood located on the wall of the D'ni cavern, north and slightly to the west of Ae'gura. It was the first area of D'ni opened to Authorized Explorers by the DRC, on February 1, 2002 CE.


Main article: Neighborhood

The layout of the Bevin neighborhood is common throughout D'ni. Numerous other neighborhoods, including Seret, share essentially the same plan, with only small modifications. Depending on the neighborhood, elements such as the clock, fountain, Ahyoheek table, paper lanterns, and lamp styles may vary or be missing. Another neighborhood, Kirel, also features the same layout, but reversed length-wise.


Beginning in early 2002 CE, the DRC deemed certain areas of Bevin to be safe enough for Authorized Explorers to visit. In March of 2002, Eddie the beach ball made his first appearance. The DRC noted at the time that, "[i]t's not our purpose to stifle frivolity, but restoration engineers should remember to maintain a professional level of conduct."[1] Over the next several months, other areas of the neighborhood were slowly opened, and the Ahyoheek table was gradually restored to working order.

On July 22, 2002, Dr. Watson and Rand Miller provided attendees at the Philadelphia Mysterium a remote tour of Bevin and Eder Kemo, with assistance from Authorized Explorer IMForeman.

Near the end of 2002, the DRC began to focus on restoring additional neighborhoods, with Seret being the first to be approved for release. New explorers following Yeesha and Jeff Zandi's invitations into D'ni began to be assigned to Seret, and later other neighborhoods, but Bevin remained accessible through the Nexus.

By 2004, when the DRC was forced to abandon their restoration efforts, Bevin was no longer available as a destination in the Nexus, and has been unavailable since that time, despite its many look-alikes.

Naming confusion[edit]

The word "Bevin" is not D'ni for "neighborhood". Explorers have, however, used it as a shorthand term for them (e.g. "the Bevins", or "so-and-so's Bevin"), and there was a period of time during the Third Restoration when the DRC did the same. For many months, all of the accessible neighborhoods were called "Bevin"s in the KI interface.

Bevin is also not to be confused with Beginner's Bevin, the neighborhood where Restoration Engineers used to give orientations and provide assistance to new explorers.