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Location Cavern
Link-in point(s) DRC ## Bevin
5 60,265 6 999 7 -71
Restoration progress
Current phase Released

A neighborhood is a community area, located on the Cavern wall.

Known neighborhoods include Bevin, Kirel and Seret. They differ in their configuration, though the general layout is rather similar. Kirel is a blue, mirrored version of the Bevin style, while Seret shares the same style with Bevin but has different lamp features. Currently, Kirel and many neighborhoods patterned after Bevin are accessible to the explorers in the Cavern.

Two other neighborhoods, Jenahkai and Shegahdah, are known only by name. They are not available to explorers, and nothing is known about their location or layout.

Elonin is a neighborhood discovered by Dulcamara and Ametist.

Many neighborhoods were rather well-preserved from the fall, and have been one of the first major places to become publicly accessible once more by explorers thanks to the DRC's restoration work.


Feature Bevin Seret Kirel Description
Eddie Yes No No A beachball with no known purpose.
Ahyoheek Table Yes Unknown No Used to play the Ahyoheek game.
Classroom Yes Unknown Inaccessible Currently used by the DRC to provide useful information for new explorers to get started.
Telescope Yes No No Allows viewing of Kerath's Arch and, in the distance, Ae'gura.
Private Room Yes Unknown Inaccessible A Private Room, blocks KI's
Bahro stone Yes Unknown No Leads to Tokotah Courtyard in a hood-instanced Ae'gura.
Imagers Yes: 2 Unknown Yes: 1 One imager displays recent visitors as well as (Bevin only) Ahyoheek and pellet scores, and tips for new players. Bevin's second one is used by members of the neighborhood as a KI image display.
Guild Tables No No Yes Five tables, each with some information about one of the new guilds.

Orange mushroom-like vegetation grows on some lampposts.

Naming confusion[edit]

The hood lamp styles.

The word "Bevin" is not D'ni for "neighborhood".[1] Explorers have, however, used it as a shorthand term for them (e.g. "the Bevins", or "so-and-so's Bevin"), and there was a period of time during the Third Restoration when the DRC did the same. For many months, all of the accessible neighborhoods were called "Bevins" in the KI interface.

Bevin is also not to be confused with Beginner's Bevin, the neighborhood where Restoration Engineers used to give orientations and provide assistance to new explorers.

More confusion has been caused by the fact that moth-style lamps, believed to distinguish Seret from Bevin, have been appearing in the latter.


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