Guild of Cartographers

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For the modern-day Guild of Cartographers, see Guild of Cartographers (restored).
Guild of Cartographers
Guild of Cartographers emblem.png
Short D'ni name telbaxen
D'ni name telok baxentantE
Guild color turquoise

The Guild of Cartographers was one of the 18 Major Guilds on the Guild Council at the fall of D'ni. Their duties included mapping every Age written by the Guild of Writers. They likely also maintained maps of the caverns and tunnels of the D'ni. Its members also played a role in design, e.g. determining the optimal arrangement of tunnels. Members of the guild worked with Master Geran of the Surveyors to design the main shaft of the tunnel to the surface of Earth.

The DRC has stated in their information in Kirel that "Cartographers were expected to initially map new Ages as well as maintain those maps on a consistent basis. Most evidence points to the maps done by the Cartographers as being extremely comprehensive often including ocean floors, underground water sources, geography, etc..."

The guild's color is remarkably close to that of the Guild of Surveyors, and the evidence collected by the DRC implies that the Guild of Surveyors and the Guild of Cartographers were very closely linked in their purposes. Many of the maps so far released by the DRC actually have the mark of the Guild of Surveyors, probably due to that Guild's role in exploration.