Location Cavern, D'ni
Link-in point(s) 5 60,040 6 1,036 7 -103 (Courtyard)
Restoration progress
Current phase Released
Phase 5 began January 1, 2007
Released July 31, 2007

Kirel is a neighborhood on the wall of the D'ni cavern. It was originally used by the DRC as a headquarters, but has since been repurposed to serve as a gathering place for the new explorer-based Guilds.


The neighborhood shares a design with other neighborhoods such as Bevin and Seret, though the layout is mirrored and the color scheme is tones of blue, rather than orange. Amenities like the ahyoheek table and observation telescope do not exist in Kirel. Instead, there are five sets of folding tables with information about the new Guilds scattered throughout the neighborhood's public spaces. T-shirts are available to explorers in each of the Guilds' unique colors. Wearing one of these t-shirts grants access to the associated guild's pub.


The restored Guilds meet in Kirel on the first Saturday of every month.