Guild of Greeters

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Guild of Greeters
Greeters emblem.jpg
Short D'ni name telxUnU
D'ni name telok xUnUtantE
Established 2003 CE (9693 DE)
Guild color green with cyan trim

The Guild of Greeters is one of the five guilds that the DRC has encouraged and supported the establishment of. They are unique in that there was no historical Guild of Greeters. Their primary duty is to welcome new explorers to the cavern and provide resources both in and out of the cavern to help and support them. They are easily identified by their "Helping Hands" shirts, which have the image of two hands reaching for each other.

The DRC has stated in their information in Kirel that "in the future, we hope that the Guild of Greeters will be the first to meet visitors and new explorers and will have the tools to make those experiences as good as they can possibly be. Greeters will be responsible for making the transition from rookie visitor to seasoned explorer as smooth as possible."

The Guild of Greeters, often referred to as GoG, was formed during Prologue by Ron Meiners and Tijara, who recruited a large group to join them. It survived through the closing of the cavern and remained active until the cavern was reopened. The Guild Masters adopted a new leadership structure on December, 9, 2007, which became effective on January 1, 2008.

The DRC was able to open a pub specific to the Guild of Greeters, and all who have picked up their t-shirt in Kirel have access to it through the Nexus system (this is not the same t-shirt that Greeters wear on duty, and it does not confer membership). The Guild of Greeters has members in their neighborhood at all times awaiting visitors. They are one of only two neighborhoods that are permanently at the top of the list of public neighborhoods.