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Guild pub
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The Guild of Messengers Guild Pub
Location Cavern
Link-in point(s) <Guild>' Pub
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Restoration progress
Current phase Released
Released September 9, 2007

The Guild Pubs were small spaces set aside for the various Guilds to use for their own purposes. As of June 2019 CE, five such pubs are accessible to explorers.

Release[edit | edit source]

The Guild Pubs were released to Explorers on September 9, 2007 CE, as part of the DRC's efforts to resurrect the guild system. They were originally scheduled to be released the day before, but unspecified issues caused them to be delayed—something which frustrated Cate Alexander, who was funding the DRC's operations at the time.

Design[edit | edit source]

The Guild Pubs are based on the design for the Watcher's Pub, but without the large tree room and associated balcony overlook. Additionally, all of the alcoves leading off from the main atrium are closed off. Unlike the Watcher's Pub, however, there is an imager in each of the Guild Pubs, to which explorers can upload KI messages and photos.

Each pub is decorated in the colors of its associated guild—maroon for Maintainers, yellow for Messengers, green and blue for Greeters, cyan for Cartographers, and red and black for Writers—and the guild's emblem is featured prominently in the detailing on the walls.

Access[edit | edit source]

Explorers can visit the Guild Pubs via the Nexus. Currently, the following pubs are accessible:

  • Guild of Cartographers
  • Guild of Greeters
  • Guild of Maintainers
  • Guild of Messengers
  • Guild of Writers

Of these, the Guild of Greeters pub is the only one set aside for a guild that did not exist at the time of the Fall. It is believed that the DRC repurposed an existing pub for the Greeters, but they have not confirmed that claim.

Access to the Guild Pubs is granted by wearing the guild's associated t-shirt, which is available in Kirel. Explorers can only access one pub at a time, but can change t-shirts as often as they like to access each pub in turn.

Gallery[edit | edit source]