How They Came; A Detailed Look at What Started the Mee-Dis War

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How They Came; A Detailed Look at what started the Mee-Dis War is a book written by Jamen in 7201 DE, concerning the Mee-Dis War. It seems that the author considered contact with outsiders to be the cause of that war.

Concerning the marriage of King Hinash with a non-D'ni woman, Jamen wrote "...even had they bore a child, it would have made for a very uneasy have such a being living with the palace perhaps taking the public's acceptance too far".[1]

After the crisis concerning King Ishek's wife to discredit the outsiders, the rules of writing Ages and contacting the outsiders became stricter. Concerning this Jamen wrote, "They sought the rules not because the other cultures were savages, but because our own culture could not be trusted to deal with them honorably."

The book also mentions the fragmentation occurring during the time of King Yableshan, noting that very few (including the King himself) could bridge the gap.[2]

Jamen also made a reference to King Rikooth. During a council, the King argued that there was no way, that he would ever force strict resolutions regarding the outsiders unless there was a grave reason.[3]

King Kerath caused many to consider outsiders as a threat, and the book quotes him saying often "If not now, then soon".[4]

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