Mee-Dis War

The Mee-Dis War was a war that occurred after the death of the last King of D'ni, Kerath. The war must have happened sometime between 6985 DE and 7201 DE.

The onset of the war, actually led by conservative factions, thought to prove true the words of Kerath. Outside factions would invade and almost destroyed the Guild of Ink-Makers and Book Making Guild.

By the end of the war, most came to believe in the end of most outsider involvement, according to the teaching of Gish.

Eventually, it was discovered that conservative D'ni factions led to the start of the War but it was far too late to alter the conservative trends against the outsiders.[1]

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It is very obscure what or who the "Mee-Dis" is or are. It is possible that the Mee-Dis is the name of an outsider people that invaded D'ni, like how the Pento War refers to the Pento people. The hyphen, or bar, might indicate an exotic or compound name for that people.

On the other hand, the bar could suggest that the war was fought between two groups, the Mee against the Dis. In any case, the nature of that/those group(s) is totally unknown.