J'taeri District

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J'taeri District
Location D'ni

The J'taeri District is located high on the eastern flank[citation needed] of Ae'gura. Construction began circa 775 DE, during a wave of new private construction on the island that was encouraged by King Ja'kreen (coronated 555 DE). Ja'kreen named the district after his first-born son, who had died at the age of 10 from a rare disease.

The district soon grew to become a home for many high-ranking guildsmen and their families, and remained so until the fall of D'ni almost 9,000 years later. These richly-furnished homes were often marked with shields indicating the guild of their owner. The district was not exclusively for guildsmen, though—wealthy merchants also made their home here as well. The architecture of the district is varied and elaborate, with some homes imitating various forms of rock—such as dripstone and flowstone—seen in natural caverns. The mansions of the very wealthiest residents were constructed of a rare and expensive red-veined black stone.

The district is only accessible via tunnels and staircases that are not currently open to explorers. The only known location in this district open to the public is the Watcher's Pub.

Notable locations[edit]


In the Book of Atrus, the J'taeri District is located on the cavern wall, close to the harbor, and is described as the home of the Guildsmen who oversaw activities in the lower districts.