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Laki creature.png
Found in Laki'ahn

The laki is a large aquatic animal native to the Age of Laki'ahn. They have an elongated skull bearing two tusks, a large dorsal fin with an irregular margin, and a haunting call that can be heard far over the waters. It is unclear whether the laki are fish, or are more similar to our earthly aquatic mammals. They bear red gemstones within their bodies, but it is uncertain as to whether the gems are grown there, or are collected somehow by the animals, as a bird collects stones for its gizzard.

The D'ni valued these gems, and used warriors of the native Kresh race to harvest them by battling laki in an arena before an appreciative audience of D'ni. These battles are reputed to have required great courage, indicating that laki are fierce fighters.

According to the Prima Official Game Guide for Myst V, the laki were a main source of food for the Kresh, and the arena fighters were allowed to keep the meat of their defeated opponents.