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Connections Direbo

Laki'ahn is a tropical island, and home to a race of humanoids called the Kresh. The D'ni constructed a sporting arena on this Age to watch the Kresh engage in gladiatorial games against native creatures called laki.


The island of Laki'ahn is located close to its planet's equator, resulting in a lush, tropical environment. Large palm-like trees dot the landscape, and large boulders dominate the sandy beaches. Near the Take that serves as the Age's link-in point, the D'ni constructed a large arena for the Kresh's gladiatorial games. The arena also contains holding pens for laki. The front of the arena is a gift shop-like space, where the D'ni could purchase the precious gemstones that the Kresh harvested from their defeated prey. Behind the arena lies an abandoned village, where the Kresh presumably once lived.

A single moon orbits Laki'ahn, and regularly eclipses the sun. The bahro are also able to summon sandstorms that scour the landscape. The Kresh are nowhere to be found around the arena, and Esher speculates that they have "reverted" to a more "barbaric" disposition, moving to more fertile hunting grounds in the time since the fall of D'ni. The only animals left in the area are a number of piranha birds.


This Age was occupied by the D'ni for an unknown amount of time before the Fall, but was apparently still in use when it occurred. It is not clear whether the Kresh participated in their gladiatorial games willingly, or if they were coerced by the D'ni. Whichever the case, the Kresh used the laki as their primary food source, and the D'ni allowed them to keep the meat from their conquests in the arena. The D'ni were more interested in the precious gemstones that the laki carried, and the front of the arena was dedicated to their sale and trade.

In 2005 CE, Laki'ahn was one of four Ages used in "the quest"—a series of tasks which, once completed, gave the person who undertook them control of the Tablet. This device was instrumental in the ongoing enslavement of the bahro by the D'ni people. In 2005 CE, Dr. Watson completed the quest at Yeesha's behest in order to free the bahro from their enslavement.