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Lexember is an annual month-long event taking place in December, during which 'conlangers', people interested in the pursuit of constructing artificial languages, publish a new word of their artificial languages each day.[1]

In 2019, Cyan started taking part in the event, revealing a D'ni word each day during December. They did not post any new words during 2020's Lexember, but since 2021 they have taken part every year. In 2022, they began revealing new Rivenese words as well.[citation needed]

Primarily Cyan post entirely new D'ni words, but occasionally they also reveal the meaning of words that were previously known but whose meanings were unknown. For example, the word direbo featured as the name of an Age in Myst V, but its actual meaning was unknown to the general public until it was finally revealed to mean "wheel" during Lexember 2021.[citation needed]

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