Marie Sutherland

Marie Sutherland
Marie Sutherland(Archive).jpg
Race Human
Personal details
Born March 12, 1962 CE

Dr. Marie Sutherland is the Director Of Field Work for the DRC. She is also fairly well known by those with interest in the Restoration. She can be found in the neighborhoods as well as Ae'gura, and prior to his disappearance, could often be found accompanying Dr. Watson.

She was born in 1962 in Paragould, Arkansas and received a Doctorate in Anthropology from the Southern Illinois University before entering the teaching profession. While in this profession, she met Dr. Watson and first joined an expedition to D'ni in 1993 before becoming a founding member of the DRC from 1997 to 2004. In 2006 when the DRC returned to D'ni, Marie retook her old position in the DRC. As part of her duties to the DRC, Marie is responsible for Phases Three and Five.

More recently, Dr. Sutherland seemed to be the unofficial press agent for the DRC, bringing news to explorers about happenings within the DRC. It was Dr. Sutherland who initially announced the DRC's desire for explorer liaisons, though she and the DRC remained largely silent about the process while the election debate was going on.

Dr. Sutherland was also reportedly working on the restoration of Eder Delin.