Memory globe

From Guild of Archivists

Memory globes are blue, egg-shaped nodules found underwater in small pools near Serenian Memory Chamber fungi, which produce them through their root systems. They are seen in two forms: "empty" and "filled". An "empty" memory globe has a translucent, almost crystalline appearance, while a "filled" globe is more opaque and shines with a bright radiance.

Scientifically, they are nodules of nutrients recycled from dead organic material by the fungus. In Serenian legend, the first memory globe was produced from the tears of a bereaved mother that soaked the ground near a Memory Chamber. The plant took pity on the grief of the parents, and created the memory globe to hold the memories of their dead child.

The Protectors of Serenia harvest these nodules and store them within the Memory Chamber as they are filled with the memories of the dead. They believe they are able to consult with these Ancestors by visiting the Dream World.