Myst III: Exile Props

Exile was created by a different studio, Presto Studios, but the work going into Myst III was just as complex as previous outings. The props, however few, seem to have attracted quite an interest from fans.

Releeshahn Descriptive Book[edit]

The book used as the base for the prop appears to have originally been made by Graphic Image, and was a 11" Brown Goatskin Leather Manuscript Journal with gilt page edges. However, due to company changes, the original blank-paged book is no longer sold. Instead, a version with lined pages (but still with gilt edges) is sold instead, under the title of "11-inch British Tan Journal"

It is unknown what the locking security frame (implied to be nara) is made out of in real life, but materials, based on appearance, could range from some type of modeling clay which was spray-painted, to actual metal, as suggested by a behind-the-scenes photo shows.

J'Nanin Linking Book[edit]

The only other linking book prop in the game, this appears to be a journal of Italian design. The closest modern equivalent is an Epica 6" x 9" (Thick) Leather Journal.