Myst III: Exile

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Myst III: Exile
Exile boxart.png
Developer Presto Studios
Designers Mary DeMarle, Phil Saunders
Releases MacOS & Windows: May 7, 2001
PS2: Sep 22, 2002[1]
Xbox: Sep 22, 2002[2]
Genres graphic adventure, puzzle
Mode single-player
ESRB rating E
Media 4 CD-ROMs, 1 DVD
Input keyboard, mouse
Preceded by Riven; Myst: The Book of D'ni
Followed by Myst IV: Revelation

Myst III: Exile is the third game in the Myst series, developed by Presto Studios[3] and released in 2001. It was the first Myst game not to be developed by Cyan, although they still had some creative input. It was voted the only Myst game that can be taken out of the plot-line and have (with some changes) the same story.[citation needed]

In the fictional universe, the events of Myst III: Exile take place in 1815.

Storyline[edit | edit source]

The story told by the game takes place about ten years after the events in Riven. A man named Saavedro wants revenge for what Atrus's sons, Sirrus and Achenar, did to him long ago. Early in the game, you witness Saavedro stealing the book Releeshahn, so naturally you follow him into J'nanin, and the game begins.

There are five major Ages visited in Exile: J'nanin, Voltaic, Edanna, Amateria, and Narayan. The prologue of the game is in Tomahna, but you don't get to see much of that place until Myst IV: Revelation.

Collector's Edition[edit | edit source]

Exile was released in two editions:

  • Standard Edition, containing just the game;
  • Collector's Edition, containing the Myst III Strategy guide by Prima, a CD with the soundtrack of the game, a making-of CD with trailer videos, and (in the US release) a pewter figurine of a squee.[4]

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