From Guild of Archivists
Author Judges of Yahvo
Restoration progress
Current phase Suspended
Phase 1 began January 7, 2004 (added)

The Pento Age was written by the Judges of Yahvo for the purposes of breeding a warrior race to take over D'ni. Their efforts proved successful, and in 1323 DE D'ni was invaded by the Pento, beginning the Pento War. However, when the Judges killed their leader, the Pento were divided by the struggle between his sons Mekarr and Timaue. King Ahlsendar allied with Mekarr, helping him defeat Timaue. In exchange, the Pento left D'ni and settled in a new Age written for them.

In 1466 DE Mekarr killed Ahlsendar's wife and two sons. In response Ahlsendar developed a plague which he unleashed upon the Pento as a biological weapon, eradicating the entire race.