Pento War

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The Pento War was an inter-Age war that lasted from 1323 DE to 1376 DE. It was the first major conflict the D'ni faced after moving to the Cavern. It was fought between the D'ni and the inhabitants of the Pento Age, who had been spurred into action by a radical D'ni group known as the Judges of Yahvo in a bid to achieve greater power and force their cause on the whole of D'ni.

Pre-war events[edit]

The precursors to the War began during the reign of King Koreen in 1303 DE, when a member of the Guild of Writers went missing, along with a collection of Books and a sizable amount of Ink. For 17 years, he and the Judges of Yahvo bided their time, Writing illicit Ages in an effort to develop a race of warriors that they could control and drive to war with the D'ni. In 1320 DE, the Judges found exactly what they were looking for in the Pento Age.

Course of the war[edit]

Invasion of D'ni by the Pento (1323)[edit]

In 1323 DE, a group of Pento linked to D'ni and stormed King Koreen's palace, driving his family from the city. As their boat sailed under the Arch of Kings, Koreen's wife gave birth to Ahlsendar, who would be known to history as the Great King. Koreen stayed behind in D'ni to continue to lead the fight against the Pento, and the Judges leading them. He poured money into the Cavern's small military force, but it was too little too late.

The Pento leadership fractures (1352)[edit]

In 1352 DE, Koreen was assassinated by a group of Pento warriors. His family, safe on a private Age, remained there while Ahlsendar, just 29 when the throne fell to him, planned the counter-attack against the Pento. The Judges, convinced of their victory, claimed control of the D'ni government and began to move their troops into other Ages to expand their conquest.

Several weeks later, Ahlsendar's waiting paid off. The Judges, fearing that the leader of the Pento was becoming too powerful to control, turned against him and killed him. Unfortunately, he had not declared a successor, and his two sons began vying for control of the Pento and D'ni. Still Ahlsendar waited, and all the while, rumors of the coming of the Great King as foretold by an ancient prophecy circulated within the city.

Ahlsendar re-takes D'ni (1352)[edit]

Fifteen weeks after his father's death, Ahlsendar returned to D'ni with a small force, reclaiming the palace with relative ease amidst the chaos that had erupted within the Pento's forces. He called a meeting with one of the Pento leaders' sons, Makarr, agreeing to help him defeat his brother in exchange for leaving D'ni completely. Mekarr agreed, on the condition that Ahlsendar write a new Age in which his people could live.

Destruction of the Pento (1376)[edit]

In 1376 DE, Ahlsendar led a force through to the Pento Age. There, in the Battle of the Great King, Mekarr's brother Timaue was defeated. After the battle, Mekarr turned over two of the leaders of the Judges to Ahlsendar. Three more were found in the D'ni city. All five were condemned to Prison Ages, and the Books burned, despite the public's demand for their executions.