Piranha bird

From Guild of Archivists
Piranha bird
Found in Laki'ahn

The piranha bird is a medium-sized avian life form native to the Age of Laki'ahn. About the size of a chicken, its most distinguishing characteristics are a large bill with an impressive array of sharp dentition, and a call that is particularly harsh and unpleasant. The piranha bird has never been observed in flight, and may, in fact, be unable to do so because of the weight of its bill.

These birds spend a great deal of time running in small circles, especially when it is windy, which may be a sign of deficient intelligence, or may be intended to attract small prey of some kind. They have also been observed scraping their teeth on the sandy soil of the Age, perhaps to seek burrowing prey, or simply to keep their teeth sharp. The food source of the pirahna bird has not been established, though the presence of many cleanly-stripped laki skeletons suggests that scavenging may play a role in their diet.

Upon approach by an explorer, the piranha bird will cease its activities and take an aggressive stance, while making repeated discordant calls. However, the bird will flee if approached more closely, rather than attacking. Yet the flight response is of short duration, and the bird does not travel very far. As they appear to be solitary creatures, exhibiting no flocking behavior, these behaviors may indicate that they are highly territorial.