Reference:Achenar, personal journal, Shipwreck

Achenar, personal journal, Shipwreck
Location Haven, shipwreck
Author Achenar

[Transcribers Note: Certain illegible, faded areas in this journal were completed where possible by using the amulet narration.]

I cannot believe I resisted linking here for so long.

Father's warning kept me away - he said Haven was an Age of great wealth, but visiting it would be dangerous without him. Lying serpent. Should have known he would say anything to keep Sirrus and me under his control. I despise him!

But look, father. Look who's under whose control now?!

Stinking rain has not let up much since I arrived. It gets almost too quiet when it does, except for the distant screams of animals. Wonder what exists beyond those cliffs? Too wet to find out tonight, but there should be plenty of time for treasure-hunting tomorrow. Judging by the chests in this wreck, I will not be disappointed. Oh, but won't Sirrus be enraged when he sees I got all the emeralds first.


Been slashing through the jungle all week and have yet to run into any people. What did you do, Father? Get them to turn this island into some kind of wild animal park? It would be just like you to convince the stupid idiots to do that.

Have to hand it to you though. The heads on some of these beasts will look really good on my walls.


Got my first taste of primate today. I was cutting a path through the jungle when one of the stupid buggers clonked me from behind with a piece of fruit! Scared the hell out of me. I whipped around, ready to slice-n-dice, but it let out this ear-piercing shriek. Must have been a signal to it's buddies, 'cause they all took off into their nests. Too bad Mister Shrieker wasn't fast enough.


Man, is it hot!! Actually starting to like these infernal thunderstorms. They ruin a good day of hunting, but at least they cool things down for a while.

Surprised my greedy brother hasn't shown up yet. He's got to know I skipped out on him in Serenia, after we called that little truce. He's insane if he thinks his plan there will work. We should just kill father and be done with it. Then again, maybe I should link back to Myst and convince Sirrus to set the old man free here in Haven. After all these weeks of practice, my hunting and tracking skills have really improved.


[illegible scrawl] no way no way no way It's [scrawl] GOT to be here somewhere. GOT TO BE!!! But I've searched & searched & evrywhe


I've got to pull myself together. Come up with a plan. That's what Sirrus would do, isn't it? He


Doesn't matter. Need a base. Someplace to hole up in. Some [scrawl]


THE SHIP It'll do for now. Till I build something better. GOT to be easier to get into, though. Easier, but protected against intruders. Got to protect myself, right?

[sketch of elevator]

Good. That's good. That's [scrawl]


I slashed at the beast, his blood spurting everywhere. I need a better spear. He disappeared down the wind tunnel.

It was a very successful day today. Mostly karnaks. Figuring out how to use their fishing habits against them then was sheer genius.

Can't escape. I must [faded] wrongful imprisonment.


Past few days, too much blood. I don't remember killing so many animals. Is something else here? Something big? 2nd predator, hunting me?

Why haven't I seen it yet?


[faded] figured it out! [faded] wicked brother [faded] lying tongue of snake [faded] tricked me with truce in Serenia.

Sirrus is trapped too! While I was busy building the machines, he linked to Spire in search of plunder! SPIRE!!


Miserable camoudile. Bloody animal nearly ripped my leg off [faded] pulled vanishing act & [faded] Just wait till hunting post is finished.

Saw some more tracks. [faded] Rain washed most of them away, but then I found them [faded] definitely tracks. [faded] Sneaky bastard. Think [faded] he waits.


[faded] fifth kill site. [faded] looked fresh, only was bigger [faded] smelled me coming & took off.




Hands still shaking. Didn't expect attack. Didn't realize


STILL see him rearing out of sea. Water spilling down gills. Such MALICE! Such DEATH in his eyes! Sun sinking behind. Reflections so bright, nearly blinded.

Must've planned it that way. Must've KNOWN.

But I'm alive, sea spawn. STILL ALIVE!!! And I will defeat you. As DEATH is my witness, I SHALL DECORATE MY KINGDOM WITH YOUR BONES!!!