Reference:Atrus, journal excerpts (Myst soundtrack booklet)

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Atrus, journal excerpts (Myst soundtrack booklet)
Location Myst soundtrack booklet
Author Atrus

These are journal entries by Atrus, found in the original release of the Myst soundtrack's insert booklet. Most of them talk about the deeds of his sons, and some are also from the games as well. They are from both before and after Sirrus and Achenar trapped themselves in the Spire and Haven Books.


"I managed to adapt a common D'ni mining-transport technology for use in the caverns [on the Selenitic Age]. Sirrus was eager to oversee its construction. He usually does not show such interest in my projects; I am not sure he is ready for such a responsibility. I can't imagine why this particular project has attacted his attention . . . but it could be a good chance for him to learn."


"Sirrus has suggested that I allow him and his brother to stay [in the Channelwood Age]. Though the idea unsettles me, I know they are growing up rapidly. The hospitality of these creatures is such that I can think of no better place to leave them alone for a short while, so I will consent to their request."


"I thought everything was planned perfectly, yet somehow the boat had become split in two and 'gripped' by the rock - inseperably fused to its surface." [Stoneship refered to here]

[under a picture of Stoneship] ". . . it seemed Sirrus' greed took control of him more than I had suspected. After returning from Riven with Catherine, I explored the Ages that remained, finding only shells of what those Ages had once been. He had a great collection of items taken from a number of the Ages I had written, including a hoard of gold and silver coins which must have once belonged to the people of Terrel."

[Superimposed on a picture of Stoneship] "It is difficult to recall the beauty of that place; it seems so distant now, so vague, like a dream. All that exists there now is a skeleton of what it once was . . . a mockery of its former beauty. I prefer my memories and dreams."


[Under a picture of Myst - most likely about that Age] "Occasionally I am overwhelmed by sensations, or memories of sensations, coming to me out of the past. I smell autumn winds, or hear a hint of music, and suddenly it all comes flooding back, and I am there again, standing on the island of my youth."