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Kadish's Note
Kadish vault note.png
Location Kadish Tolesa vault
Author Kadish, annotations by Yeesha

After fleeing to his vault during the Fall, Kadish authored this note in his last days. It expresses his claims of contentment with his possessions, despite his available means of escape.

Transliteration and partial translation[edit | edit source]

.lerochay zuhoy
I have unknown word my end.
.mahnshootahvting mileshen zoo
unknown word unknown word me.
.yim rahshahthon
I see its darkness.
.dohahrtenen gah dofolesen kheveelayoy b'koozah
It is unknown word and unknown word for my soul to unknown word.
.veechtahvteeon rifeeneet sahethoy
Its screams unknown word my unknown word.
.korvahkhtee keneet tomet roob ril bokoozah
There are linking books here but I will not unknown word
I have unknown word.
.ken tomet te biv roo mairuh
I am here with all that I would own.
.rilrovchahnshentoen tah me zoo
No one unknown word take unknown word from me.
.bomahnshoo tomet te eest
I will die here with them.
.to met kenen bahvahnin gah bojikhahen bahvahnin
This place is unknown word and will unknown word unknown word.
.khoy hevtee met dohooreet pahl rifoonemah roo ril kokino
unknown word these words are found unknown word, unknown word that I did not unknown word.
.ril komahnshoo te rildil
I did not die with nothing.
.komahnshoo te bivdil
I died with everything.
.fitayemah se tsosahtahvteeoy
Look at my unknown word.
.pishoeet b'zoo gah bokeneet t'zoo tsahn
They unknown word to me and will be with me forever.
Tel Nahvah Kaydish
Guild Master Kadish