This article is about the person. For the Age, see Kadish Tolesa.
Race D'ni
Name in D'ni KADiS

Kadish was a former Guild Master in the Guild of Writers, who was dismissed for unknown reasons[1], and lived during the time of the Fall in 9400 DE. He was a member and owner of the Watcher's Pub, located in the upper-class Guild district of J'taeri on Ae'gura. He claimed to be the Grower, a person whom a prophet called the Watcher referred to as a powerful individual who could control space and time. Kadish went to extraordinary lengths to prove that he was the Grower. He constructed a massive machine on the Age of Ahnonay (which he claimed to have written) which created the illusion of traveling through time.

Kadish was also one of the chief individuals in charge of overseeing the construction on the granary Age of Er'cana. He placed links to both of these Ages in the Watcher's Pub, and performed extensive renovations on the pub itself, creating an intricate puzzle known as the Path of the Shell, which blocked off access to the "great tree" in a chamber adjacent to the main pub. Kadish boasted that he was the only person able to solve the puzzle, and said that the solution was obvious to anyone who had read the writings of The Watcher.

Kadish died alone, locked in the treasure vault on his private Age of Kadish Tolesa, following the fall of D'ni. He was not trapped; he had a Linking Book back to his gallery in Ae'Gura with him the entire time, but refused to use it. In a note found laying by his body, written in D'ni, he speaks of dying in peace with everything he could have wanted.

It is important to note that Kadish may now be alive again. Yeesha speaks of having power over time, and in her final words in Uru, she says that "his body no longer lies in his vault" and "[seeing] his new life."