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Reference:Patrick Dulebohn, Chiso Preniv journal

From Guild of Archivists
Patrick Dulebohn, Chiso Preniv journal
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Location Chiso Preniv
Author Patrick Dulebohn


The Age of Chiso Preniv, aka "another library" in D'ni . . . or so we think. The name seems a bit blunt and basic and not the usual elegance of D'ni names. The translation team seems to think it may be more of a slang name. So far, we haven't found the proper Age name, so until we do, we'll just have to go with what we've got.

When first Linking in, you can tell it's a D'ni Age. Rows and rows of shelves for what could hold thousands of Books. Only one problem...the library is completely empty. Any Books, Ages or otherwise, appear to have been removed entirely from the complex. It's definitely a contrast to the library on Teshafee, where we found Chiso and some notes pertaining to it.

The mosaics when you first Link in seem quite familiar. They, along with the tree mural and Guild of Writers symbol on the floor, seem quite symbolic. The tree itself leads to nine pedestals at the other end of the building, which themselves have "branches" surrounding the metal pedestals themselves. Perfect to display Age Books for easy Linking.

Strangely, most of the inner structure is not made of nara as usual, but of a rather durable redwood. The bookshelves and book stands set into the walls are also made of this wood...and the design of the latter seems oddly familiar.

While we weren't able to find an exit to the outdoors, they were clearly visible through the large ornate windows at the opposite end of the library. The blue skies and rolling green fields, while beautiful, humorously reminded many of us of a certain default wallpaper for a certain computer operating system. Even so, we're anxious to get out and explore the land!

The building itself seems structurally sound. Just the minor wear and tear: some cracks here or there. The only concerning damage is a significant hole in the roof off to the side. The debris was cleared away by someone, but the hole itself was never patched, allowing the foliage from outside to creep in slightly and the sounds of the outdoors to drift into the chamber. The elements don't seem to have worn away the surrounding structure, so despite the "gaping wound", it shouldn't be a problem structurally.

What could have cause it though?

All in all, we'll need to do some more searching around here. More later.


After some preliminary searching, we've been unable to find an exit from the building yet...aside from that hole. We've now made plans to use the opening in the ceiling to venture outside and explore, but other Ages and the work therein means it'll have to wait awhile.

On the plus side, we've begun to move some of the archived Book and texts here from Teshafee to free up more room in the latter's library while we catalog everything. Our desks there were beginning to pile up with the proverbial "in" and "out" piles!


An incredible expedition!

While it was a pain and a half getting out of that opening (the hole is not as wide as it looked!), we were finally able to use the equipment we brought to climb up and out. Reminded me of those awful rope-climbing events in gym glass back in the day!

Outside, we found that the building was situated on top of a large hill overlooking the vast fields we had seen from the windows inside. The land stretched up steeply behind and also slightly around the sides of the structure, offering protection on most sides, but still allowing the windows on the ceiling to receive the natural light from the sun.

Exploring outward, we even found evidence of a primitive civilization, long gone from these lands! It appears to be a temporary camp set up near the library for some as-yet unknown reason. We've taken some writing samples that I hope our translators will be able to decipher and figure out who they were.

Most interesting was their tools...or rather, their weapons. Crude in fashion, surprisingly, they contained chunks of NARA! They appear to be D'ni-made, which further adds to the confusion. Did the D'ni give them these materials for some reason, and if so, why?

Also, why use it for weapons? To what end?

Need to think more on this. Like many other Ages we've stumbled upon, something fishy is going on here.


Our translation team truly is remarkable! They've been able to piece together most of what happened through the basic writings of the indigenous people of the Age and more documents we were able to uncover in Teshafee.

It seems, in 7349 DE, the Caltauc, a tribe of people native to this area of the Age, had approached the D'ni while they were building the library...and were none too happy that the latter were destroying and spoiling this patch of land for their own ends. The Age's Writer and head of the expedition to build the library, Relsahn, did not want to start a war with these people, so he worked with them to strike a bargain: they would trade the tribe a small batch of nara, the strongest stone work they had, for their people to use however they see fit. This would be along with a few other supplies, such as food and medicines that were found to improve the health of the Caltauc.

For a time, there was peace, until an accident occurred during the final days of construction. A boy from the tribe, curious about what was going on, had wandered into the unfinished structure to explore. Tragically, he caused the collapse of one of the heavy wooden pillars and was crushed. He died instantly.

The Caltauc were furious. They blamed the D'ni for their carelessness in not securing the site better. War was imminent, so Relsahn and the D'ni had no choice but to Link in their forces and forcefully drive the Caltauc away to finish their work. The building was finally completed in 7352 DE.

For a time, things were booming in Chiso Preniv. Books were being Written and stored there, many great texts of D'ni storytellers were being archived as well. Numerous works of art graced the great chamber. The Guild of Writers had yet "another library", which actually was where the joking Age name came from after awhile.

The Caltauc, to their credit, were far more industrious than the D'ni gave them credit for, as they took the supply of nara and were able to backwards-engineer it to the point they could create their own, crude version of it. It was then that an assault on the library was planned to drive the D'ni out once and for all.

In 7358, a mere six years after the library opened, the Caltauc attacked with their nara-esqe weapons, breaking their way through the ceiling and engaging the D'ni. The latter were able to repel the former with effort, but it was clear that the library was compromised and the Books were no longer safe.

The Guild of Writers ordered the immediate removal of all their work to another site. Within a day after driving off the Caltauc, the D'ni, and all their belongings aside from the building itself, were gone. There was much celebration within the Caltauc, who felt they had defeated their foe and had avenged the boy who had died. Still, they guarded the site from their makeshift camp nearby and were ready to drive the D'ni out again should they return.

Flash forward to today: the Caltauc, satisfied that the D'ni were truly gone and not coming back, had moved on centuries ago to elsewhere in the Age. After exploring further, we found that, not only was their makeshift camp long abandoned, but so was their regular settlement. In fact, there appeared to be no signs of any indigenous people anywhere nearby for a very long time.

It's my hope that, if they ever do come back, it would be in peace. Even so, we'll take precautions.


Almost a year and a half and we've slowly made Chiso our own. Books are trickling into the library from Teshafee as we catalog them, and we have yet to be disturbed by anyone native to the Age.

I'm starting to think this would be a perfect place to accumulate not only our own work, but other groups' work as well if they so choose.


Success! We've finally found an exit to the library...and quite by accident!

Who knew this library was someone like a haunted mansion...as in actual secret passages. I guess it makes sense given the tense relations with the Caltauc at the time. One of our volunteers was doing a bit of dusting (something that is constantly needed, it seems) and stumbled upon the mechanism that opens up one of the bookcases to reveal a passageway leading downward further into the hill's rocky interior.

This "basement" is about the same size above, but contains many private study rooms an only a few shelves. This looks to be where the D'ni did quite a bit of Writing. We discovered more blank Books and the precious ink that goes with them. I guess, in their haste to evacuate, the D'ni had forgotten them. Good to know we're not the only ones that forget something important during a big move!

As such, we took all we found and have stockpiled them in the usual place, as well as donated some to the other groups working in the cavern. Hopefully, they'll be of some use someday.


Wow, that's a whole lotta nines in that date...and quite a bit of time since I last wrote in this!

I've come to the decision that this library should be open to all of our friends in the cavern. It's selfish to just limit it to our group and those working in Teshafee.

I'll consult with our usual people to make sure this place is ready for the public.


So busy with other projects, but the work here is important too. It's been discussed, and we'd like to turn this library into a hub for a new restoration of sorts, led by the Called...the explorers who have come to D'ni to seek adventure, enlightenment, knowledge, belonging...and fun, of course!

I should probably get in touch with members of the DRC again to consult them on this and get their advice. If anyone knows what should go into a restoration of this magnitude, it's them.

It's a shame Atrus isn't available (at least as far as I know!).


With all that's going on on the surface, it's good to get away to what is literally another world for awhile. We've completed most of the safety checks for the library, and I've begun asking some friends if they'd like to add Linking Books to their Ages here. I've asked Rustee, Lontahv and Keith Lord if they're up for providing Links to Vothol Gallery, Tre'bivdil and Fehnir's House respectively. We'll see what they say.

For now, I'll be adding Books to our own works, namely the Guild of Messengers Pub in Ae'gura and Veelay Tsahvahn. They're both perfect showcases of the fantastic work many have done over the years and should both be ready for the foot traffic releasing them to the general public will entail.


It's come down to this. Tomorrow...finally...Chiso Preniv will be open to the public! I've also "come out of the shadows", so to speak, and done a bit of public relations by chatting up explorers in the Watcher's Pub, where we've opened up a new Book room to house the Linking Book here. Their enthusiasm is so infectious...but also makes me even more nervous for tomorrow!

Time to get back to my speech! Wish me luck, inanimate journal notebook! Ha!


Only a couple of days out since the big event and I'm still over the moon. The response was, to put it mildly, overwhelming, but so very encouraging. It never ceases to amaze me how enthusiastic explorers can be for the new. So many faces packed the Watcher's Pub, I was surprised some weren't hanging from the rafters, so to speak!

For posterity, I'll write my speech here in full:


"We stand here today to take part in what many of us regard as a truly momentous occasion.

After ten thousand years of history, a catastrophic event that nearly destroyed it, and three halted restoration efforts, D'ni has lain mostly dormant for many years now. We, as explorers, have held onto the belief that we could, in our own ways, continue to breathe life into the cavern.

"In that endeavor, I believe we have been very successful over the years. You've made this place your home away from home and have gone forth on the adventure of understanding the D'ni people, how they lived, and, of course, the worlds they visited via the Art. We have also forged bonds with one another that have remained strong throughout the often joyous and occasionally troubled times.

"Good or bad, we have faced it together, and because of our strength of character, persistence...and most importantly, those aforementioned bonds...

"...after almost two *decades*...

"...we are still here!

"The D'ni Restoration Council admirably led the modern efforts to bring D'ni back to its former glory, and for that and the assistance they have offered over even these last few years, they have our gratitude. They will always have a seat at the table should they ever choose to return.

"But now...finally...it's our turn.

"Today, we officially begin a new restoration...*our* restoration...to continue what our predecessors started and to expand our knowledge of the D'ni through their home in the cavern and the incredible Ages contained here. It is with that in mind that we are here today...to open the door to a new era in D'ni.

"A new path...a new chronicle...a new journey.

"Chiso Preniv, the Age you're about to visit, will be the first gateway to a new gathering of Ages and points of interest here in the cavern that have been restored...or in some cases, Written...by us, the explorers of D'ni. The Books you find there now are just the beginning. I'm hoping, as the months and years pass, fellow explorers will present more of their work to the library, and their contributions will be most welcome there.

"This is, and will continue to be, the culmination of years of work by our fellow explorers, all contributing their time, efforts, and talents to making things ready for you all to see. This is the fruit of their tireless labor. For that, from the bottom of my heart, I thank them. *All* of them.

"There are too many names to mention...but each and every one has been an important part of launching this new era. If they would like to make themselves known...I leave that decision to them, as I would respect any choices of anonymity...but if they do speak up, be sure to give them thanks! They are often the unsung heroes here in the cavern. They put in untold weeks, months, and even years of labor on an entirely volunteer basis to bring us all the amazing things we will see and experience.

"Put simply, we would *not* be here today without them.

"There is one more group I'd like to turn our thoughts to today: our friends that are no longer with us. They too are an important part of why we're all still here today. They are with us now in spirit...and as we go into the future, they will always be with us. This is as much for them as it is for us.

"We've all come a long way and experienced much. Yet there is still *so* much more out there for us to explore! Now, more than ever, these words ring true:

"'The ending has not yet been written.'

"With all that said...I give you Chiso Preniv...the first step towards a new future in D'ni!"

Wow...rereading that, I can't believe it was me who wrote that! Ha!

I've given some well-earned time off to my team. They could use the break, as could I. Off to vacation!


Almost four months since the opening and things have gone very well. I've gotten a few interested parties that will be readying the appropriate Linking Books to bring to the library, hopefully sometime early next year.

I've also been looking into featuring the Age of Serene as a tribute to the late Andy Legate's fine restoration work from the old days. I'll need to coordinate things very carefully for that one.

I'm also hoping to open up The Vale and Kotsahvosahn at that time as well. The former is a rather peculiar Age that blends the elements of D'ni culture with another called the Visula. I'll need to put down more details in that journal as soon as we figure out more.

The latter is a cavern location located at the southeast shore, opposite the City Proper. It's notable as it connects into the series of tunnels spidering out into the rock, which could potentially include the path to the surface.

We'll do what we can. In the meantime, time for us all to head up for the holidays. Here's to 2021 being even more exciting in D'ni than 2020!


Things have been quite busy around here. We've been readying the latest batch of Ages, which I have dubbed the "legacy collection", for release.

This round will be Tre'bivdil, Vothol Gallery, and Serene, three excellent bits of D'ni history. The last one has a more somber feel as it was restored by the late Andy Legate. Due to snowstorms, it's a bit inaccessible at the moment, but including it officially in the new collection of Ages would be a wonderful tribute to Andy.

The other two also need some cleanup for various reasons, but I have confidence in my team.


While I'm very reluctant to do so, I have decided to let Nev'yn go from our restoration efforts. His well-being is in the balance, and I feel it is in his best interests to take an undetermined amount of time off. He truly needs help and I hope he gets it.

Needless to say, if he's seen in the cavern, best to give him some distance.


We've been able to translate more of the Caltauc language, thanks to the astounding efforts of our translators. A new face, one Kelsei A.T., has truly been the driving force in our further understanding of the Caltauc, and I can't wait to unleash her on even more languages we've found.

Something tells me she's equally keen to dive in. It's exciting seeing such enthusiasm from her and others on our team.

Not to mention our fellow explorers. They truly make the work so very worth it.

On that note, the two Ages and one cavern location we've been focusing on lately are almost back up to snuff. Vothol is our heaviest focus due to the structural implications of even that minor cave in. More structural checks will be needed.

Thankfully, the swells in Tre'bivdil have subsided. Now we just need to dry things out and make sure there's no toxic mold or anything. People would be surprised how much scrubbing with disinfectant is involved. LOTS of scrubbing, in fact.

Serene seems the most...well, serene...after the storms subsided. We'll probably be able to release that Age first. As a born and raised Minnesotan, I was NOT keen on shoveling that walkway...but it had to be done!

Now to head to the Ae'gura Messengers Pub to let my arms fall off. Ha!


I'm very glad to see that people enjoyed our festive atmosphere in the Pub. I was sadly unable to attend (duty always gets in the way of fun), but I was there in spirit.

I think the next major holiday coming up is the D'ni New Year. Going to have to get some more decorations to properly celebrate!


The work continues, and the next Books and their respective areas are coming along nicely. Serene is pretty much ready to go after a few checks. I imagine there will be some last-minute shoveling of snow as there's still and errant flurry here or there.

I noticed an interesting cubby near the gazebo and it turns out a journal was put in there, presumably by our friend Andy. After reading it, I'm not entirely sure if it's all true. Some details sound about right, but others seem a bit outlandish from what we know of "the rules" so far.

I'll most likely leave it there and chalk it up to a work of partial fiction. While I'm sure it will confuse people, it was left there for a reason by Andy . . . and I'd hate to disturb his intentions. It'll be up to explorers to decipher what's in it, and I'm sure they will!


Happy Cinco de Mayo! And what a day it was. We released Serene to an eager crowd gathered here in Chiso and I'd bet everyone had a bit of fun in the snow. We rarely see the cold climate Ages . . . the pod Age's Dereno notwithstanding . . . so it was a treat to see people bundled up for the occasion.

Or at least some were. Others were probably wishing they'd stopped by their Relto first and put on something warmer!

I hope Andy is seeing this . . . how his hard work is being enjoyed by so many. He was very much missed today.


I feel a bit bad that I've been away from the cavern for awhile. Having to move on the surface is still not as easy as it sounds, even with Linking Books at our disposal. Plus, it feels like a cheat. Not only that, but it's an in-town move, so probably best to use the "traditional" methods.

Luckily, Kelsei and the crew have been keeping busy in my relative absence. She's been dutifully translating everything I've thrown at her so far without even flinching. She and the rest of the crew show an eagerness that always keeps me going.

I think we're on track for another successful release for Tre'bivdil! All safety precautions have been taken, so it should be a perfect summer release. People will be able to go and soak up the sunshine there.

Just watch for the errant storm!


Tre'bivdil was released just over a week ago, and I am once again heartened by the reception our community has given another Age release. A lot of work went into things previously (we merely cleaned things up), so it's great to see others' hard work finally getting public attention! I hope Vothol Gallery will have the same reception.

Turning to other, more Earth-side fronts . . . the Great Shaft and the path to D'ni continues to be a big topic of conversation for everyone on the team. I have to admit that it's quite the curiousity to me as well.

So far, while some have been able to wander a bit up and down from the eder tomahn closer to the bottom of the Great Shaft, given how dark and treacherous the route is, it's been deemed too unsafe to continue further.

Even so, if we were to prepare properly . . . we just might be able to make the journey up and down, particularly with some needed equipment. I think I'll start planning an expedition starting within the caldera on the surface. I'm sure Kelsei and Jules will want to come along too, and I can't say I wouldn't enjoy the company.


Not surprisingly, we had quite a few volunteers who wanted to participate in the first expedition into the tunnels downward in what has to have been quite a few years. Quakes have left traversing even the first set of tunnels to the Great Shaft rather dangerous, so it's no wonder.

We led three teams into the tunnels, one led by myself and the other two by Kelsei and Doc Lavisham, who have both been quite helpful disseminating some of my workload. When others step up to lead, it only shows how much this restoration is growing and I love it!

We had quite a few things to find and see . . . most of which I will probably have to detail in a separate journal. It's going to be quite the task, but given the historical importance of the path between D'ni and the surface, it should have no shortage of people to help.


Another successful release, this time of Vothol Gallery, originally restored by Rustee. More of the cavern is being surveyed everyday. I'm hoping that we may be able to open up more neighborhoods and even some dwellings one day. There have been a few of each that have looked promising.

As for the Great Shaft, we were finally able to get from top to bottom. It's definitely nowhere near safe for regular travel, but it's not entirely unsalvageable. I will detail more in that journal.

All I know is we really need to get those elevators running. My legs were killing me after that hike, even if it was downhill slightly.


Jules presented a great idea to me a few days ago : recordings in Kirel of the progress of our restoration! I'll admit, I hadn't even thought of that, but it makes sense given how the All Guilds Meetings take place there and the DRC's former on-site headquarters has become a central hub of news in the cavern.

I've asked a few experts in D'ni audio equipment to help, and the good doctor has a few people in mind to read the announcements. Jules himself will most likely write the contents, and I've told him not to let too much information slip.

We want some things to be a surprise, after all!


More on the Caltauc today. A varied selection of artifacts and writings has been moved on-site into the lower level of the library for study. Kelsei found a rather large cache of writings that'll give her quite a lot to do in the coming weeks, although I can sense she wants to do more than just translate.

I can certainly understand that. To undertake your own project is a rather exciting prospect.

Thankfully, nobody has discovered the means to enter the downstairs of the Chiso library . . . which makes me wonder why the D'ni didn't store any Books down there? Or maybe they did and took them anyway as the Caltauc made it quite clear that the D'ni were not welcome and who knows when they'd be able to get back here next.

Despite the deserted village nearby showing signs of being so for many decades, we still keep a sharp eye out for their return, just in case.


The big four-oh birthday has come and gone. One might think age would slow me down, but the work remains exciting enough to put a youthful spring in my step! Makes me curious what things will be like 20 years from now . . .

I have put in a humble request to the DRC to open up their archives of any materials they may still have claim to, including Age Books. Even in the background, they still show a bit of interest on what's going on down here . . . and really, who can blame them? They put in years of work here and I'm sure it's nice to them to see it still going.

I guess we'll see what happens.


Ametist has done some fantastic work in restoring the Age of Tiam. I think, after a bit more work and some assistence from our team, the Age should be ready for release late next month. Meeting "Uncle Rebus" as he's known was also a delight. So many interesting people from all walks of life to find here.

Jules has submitted a new book for the library ( a regular book, not an Age Book ) and I plan to display it prominently on one of the stands. It's a very interesting read and I encourage everyone reading this journal ( yes, you! ) to have a look! I hope we can see more writings like it in the near future.

Speaking of reading, we found a book detailing better the story behind Serene and have placed it into the Age. That other book still has a few details we need to fact-check. Lesson learned on that one!

I still have not heard back from the DRC, but that's not unusual since it always has taken awhile to get a response. They are quite busy elsewhere these days; new projects, new explorations. I'm excited to hear what they've been up to as of late, even on an individual basis.


All I can say is . . . WOW. The turnout for the release of Tiam was something to behold! Not only did quite a few explorers show up, but Rand Miller from Cyan, Inc. also dropped in to see what was happening! It's been awhile since anyone from their company has come down, so it was great to see.

Mr. Miller respectfully kept to the background, and in turn, everyone respectfully gave him space, although I'm sure there were burning questions about the status of their latest project, Firmament.

. . . but today was Ametist's day, and I couldn't be happier for her. Tiam's release was a rousing success and initial reaction to the newest Age we've released was very positive. I've been in her place before and can tell from experience just how thrilling it can be!

Thanks again to Rand Miller for stopping by! Those folks at Cyan are always welcome down here in our little "clubhouse".


A new year, and a new page in the proverbial restoration. I got a request a couple of days ago from my friend Hazado for some extra person-power, particularly engineers familiar with D'ni mechanics. I'm not sure what's being cooked up here, but something tells me it's big . . . perhaps something we've all been waiting for for years now.

Progress in Descent has been slow, but steady. I'll continue to update that journal with all the nitty-gritty details and have more of a broad progress report here.

I've also heard reports of new explorers coming in from the desert, which is great to hear. Hope they can find their way down here without too much fuss!


I can't believe it! This is a HUGE find! I almost didn't think these Ages really existed . . . and yet here they are, the Linking Books in front of me! My mind is racing!

Alright, I need to stay calm. These Ages, while significant finds, still go through the same scrutiny as any others. If things check out, however . . .


As it turns out, the Ages are rather different from what was depicted elsewhere. We'll need to approach them slowly and methodically given we essentially want to throw out any preconceptions.

On a less stressful note, it appears the reaction to the Age of Tiam has been very positive. I know ametist also has a new cavern location being restored along with Dulcamara and Rebus, so hopefully, there will be a tour soon.

In the meantime, I need to chat again with Calum about finally getting that darn Nexus KI slot working in the Pub to give people an easier way to get there. His understanding of the D'ni tech, along with Hazado, has grown by leaps and bounds.

Even so, he really needs to learn to relax a bit more. This work can easily consume you if you're not careful.


Some great St. Pat's Day celebrations as usual. One tends to forget how much work goes into planning these things and seeing them go off flawlessly like that reminds all of us.

Hazado continues to spearhead the Gahreesen wall efforts. Even after the past years of fine efforts of the DRC, and later, a talented group of German engineers, it still needs fine-tuning.

On the Age restoration front, Calum has brought forth his latest efforts in the form of Eder Naybree. He's still collecting data, but it's quite the lush terrain with the familiar D'ni garden fixtures for added comfort. Should be an exciting addition to the library when it's ready.

Hopefully, I can pry him away long enough to get the Pub's KI pedestal slot working! The public demands it!


Given the demand, I think it's probably time to officially open up the lower floor for visitors to stop by. I've asked everyone using a desk there to secure any sensitive materials elsewhere, but only for the safety of others as I doubt anyone would actually swipe anything.

The wall is still being worked over. I honestly think, if Hazado never saw the interior of the Maintainer's Nexus again, he'd be very happy. Still, if the wall functions quite well at the end of it all, it'll be due to his tireless work.

Keith Lord has mentioned he's close to getting the Highgarden area of Fahets ready to open. His restoration process is quite methodical and always worth the wait. Plus, with some of the photos he's been taking of the Age, I'm even more keen to see it in person!