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Chiso Preniv

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Chiso Preniv
Chiso Preniv Library
Name in D'ni ciso preniv
Author unknown
Restoration progress
Current phase Released
Phase 5 began June 23, 2020
Released August 21, 2020

Chiso Preniv is an Age where a large two-story library was built. Found and introduced by explorer Patrick Dulebohn and his new team, it is part of a new restoration of the D'ni cavern.


Chiso Preniv can be accessed via a linking book in an alcove in the Watcher's Pub, which has a note from the DRC attached. There are also linking books back to Chiso Preniv from all locations that can be reached from the library.


Chiso Preniv is a lush, green, mountainous age. Not much is known about it outside of the Library, but it is said that there is large wildlife that roams the lands.[1]



D'ni locations[edit]


Chiso Preniv was created by Doobes as a place to hold linking books to other fan ages.[2] It was initially released on the Gehn shard on February 26, 2020.[3] Along with the new Messengers' Pub and Veelay Tsahvahn, it was released on the Minkata shard on June 23, 2020,[4] in preparation for the release on MOULa on August 21, 2020.



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